Creator: Alex
Age rating: 17 and older
Year 2040. New advances in artificial intelligence, hypersonic weapons, far space explorations, genetic medicine gave new growth to human civilization. But there is something more formidable and threatening, frozen in the ice and capable of turning this against humans.
Synopsis: NATO commandment decide to test a new type of hypersonic bomber. Bomber is using electromagnetic oxygen pumping instead of inlet. Test flight is from Greenland to Antarctic continent. During flight bomber is tested on artificial ship targets. Finally all targets are destroyed. Flight is controlled by artificial intelligence system of aircraft carrier group in Atlantic Ocean 1000 km from Antarctic continent. After successful flight it is landing near special military base on Antarctic continent. During transportation snow melts near the overheated surface of the bomber . Crew finds body that was lying in the snow for almost 60 years. They take the body to the base. At the same time team with local engineers prepare bomber for the next flight. Clark(pilot) receives strange information about the American and Norwegian bases that were destroyed by fire in 1982. Clark is inspired by the founding and decides to study info about it deeper while other members start preparations for the next flight. Another base member professor Shawn is also interested in that founding. And he starts analyzing tissue structure from that body. It is a hierarchical system of main cells and subordinate cells with “initiator”. It has subordinate branches cells and even “laboratory cells”. This system analyzes most prosperous branch behavior and creates intrusion into victims body. One night general Clark watches strange body in the window of the closed laboratory. But Richards (another crew member) distracts him from that. They thought he is tired and had got some hallucinations because of Antarctic ionized air and preparations. On the next day after preparations and tests in Hangar Clark hears strange noise in the laboratory. He enters it and saw mutilated body of Shawn attempting to get into ventilation and 2 lab assistants turning into protein mass. He launches alarm and opens fire that caused blasts of oxygen and fire on the base. He was the only who witnessed all that. Base personnel puts him into isolation. After few hours during tests someone opens valve with fuel and huge fire spread across the base. Heptile tanks start burning and blasting. Emergency evacuation operation to aircraft carrier is launched. Commandment suspects sabotage and orders to remove personnel from the base as they all were under investigation. Bomber crew is isolated in special sector in the lowest 04 decks to avoid contacts with other base members that are on the 02 deck. Base is put under conservation and is protected by automatic robots because all living blocks were malfunctioning. Clark is among missing. Clark gets out of wrecks after couple of hours. He sees that base is demolished. He finds last members of base crew waiting for evacuation. After evacuation helicopter arrives he sets into with last base engineers. But suddenly scanner start reporting suspicious cell activity. Pilot turns into a monster and Clark shoots in pilots. He jumps of the helicopter. Clark runs to the base hangar and uses remotely controlled ice melting vapor machines to burn monster from fallen helicopter. He exterminates monster with bombers spare ion -beam accelerators for oxygen ionization on the bomber . Clark understands that the carrier crew is contaminated and decides to destroy the ship to prevent contamination the world. Clark launches bomber as he finds his encryption keys. Within 10 minutes bomber reaches aircraft missile range and launches all 16 missiles. During the attack hundred of ship crew members are killed and injured . Crew was only 200 members because most functions are performed by AI system. Monster is attacking wounded crew members . AI system recognize suspicious biological behavior of analyzed tissues on the decks and in curing capsules. But overall priority is the suppression of fire and missile threat distracts from that danger. One of marines in control room starts turning into monsters. Light in control room is switched off and only lieutenant Schwarz escape. Katherine, Richards and Williams are in the lowest deck 04 that is under waterline . That saves their lives because most of other personnel died in the completely destroyed decks 01 and 02. Shawn runs to the room 451 from the upper decks as they are burning. During one blast Shawn injured with a part of metal from missile and his body and his leg turns into monster attacking marines. Survivals are separated by AI system from other contagious ship members by inert gas . They meet lieutenant Schwarz from control room. Clark directs bomber to the missile and bomber was shot down. Plasma enters bomber from the fracture and burns monster in the bomber but automatic escape system finally moves Clark out of the bomber to the carrier (to the closest safe landing point) in special guided capsule. While moving from 451 room Katherine gets injured with blast. She is transferred into curing capsules by robots to the lowest sector. Other survivals follow her. Group got protection suits and starts moving to the alarm activation room. AI system orders that they must deactivate biohazard system because aircraft carrier exits are blocked and escape systems are deactivated in the case of biohazard.AI system directs them to the hazard control room. They are attacked by contaminated mass of tissues with human bodies. It tries to imitate different forms of beings and turned into one huge monster with high speed of moves. They start running away shooting and bullets gave no result. AI attempts to use fire suppression system by pumping out air and creating vacuum. Monster assaults them and they got into trap. AI could not open door to the burning chamber because cable is cut with blast and only mechanical lock is working. Someone activates vacuum creation. Williams got suit with breaches and is killed by pressure drop. Clark opens the door from outside. He finds them as AI system directed him to the survived team. Richards dies after unexpected attack of contaminated and unknown failure of AI system. AI system sends them to reactor core as all other ways are blocked or filled with contaminated. Contaminated bodies attempt the attack but AI system predicts that and opens pipes with radioactive vapor and that exterminates contagious. AI reports that sector is heavily populated with contaminated and decides to fill sector with inert gas to increase pressure. AI starts pumping argon. When pressure increased 40 times AI pumps acetylene in chamber with argon and contaminated. AI system orders them to lock themselves in the special room for decompression and pumps flammable acetylene and argon gas in the next room with atmosphere. All monsters are being pushed there and burning with incoming flame. Schwarz is killed by contaminated while climbing on a lift going from lowest 05 deck to the gallery deck. His suit mechanics becomes malfunctioning. AI uses huge manipulator to grasp contaminated mass and lock it in the sector on the 04 deck. Central commandment answers that they received message about hazard but have no other evidence. Katherine and Clark start descending in the second lift with 4 flying bots from submarines to clear out the problem. They open doors mechanically and finally released contaminated being in one of the sectors on the 04 deck. By means of spy mini bot Clark and Katherine see that main initiator monster in the data center integrated itself into AI system. Biohazard alarm is active again. On the gallery deck Katherine runs to the jet to escape. When she approaches jet fighter she sees that it is big mutant reminding jet fighter. AI system turns power on and burns it partially with laser. AI system switches on voltage in one of opened cables. That electrocutes contaminated being for a moment. But Clark understands that it is a kind of biological paradigm with new type of evolution and it keeps him and Katherine alive because they are contaminated with advanced and disguised form of aggressor cells.

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  • Script 1 - Alex's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Inspired by Carpenters "The Thing" and "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, Jr. . Human civilization became more advanced, but something passed evolution stages. It learned how to survive on planet Earth and quickly change it’s structure according to the new environment. The only chance to withstand that - are new advanced artificial intelligence systems with humans strive for live