Hell on Earth

Creator: Gary Blake
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
After suffering a disappointing but inevitable breakup and working a long tough shift at a warehouse job that he hates, William Whitman thinks his life can't get any worse. After falling asleep at the wheel, Will dies and finds himself damned to eternity in Hell.
Synopsis: His girlfriend leaves him, he's barely holding on to his job, and it seems like there's no way anything could get worse. But when William Whitman falls asleep at the wheel after a long and exhausting shift at work, he dies and finds himself damned to an eternity in Hell; the worse of the two possibilities. What he finds is that Hell is not much different than Earth. Stress, conflict, selfishness and greed. It's full of humans, after all.

Now stuck in a society built and evolved specifically to the whims of the those also damned to Hell rather than Heaven, Will grapples with the idea of having to spend eternity in a place he doesn't feel that he deserves to be. With no family or close friends having reached a similar fate up to this point, Will finds support and friendship in Joe, a lovable screw-up and friend of his older brother. Joe is the only person Will knows that died and also went to Hell.

Will does everything he can to resist his fate, leading him on a lesson-laden journey of self-discovery and having to learn to accept that actions have consequences and that much like life, the afterlife just isn't fair.

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  • Script 1 - Gary's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A metaphor for the adaptive nature of humanity and our endless pursuit of ultimate eternal comfort. It seeks to illustrate the unsustainable and silly nature of the thought that our individual personalities will somehow carry on and through the relatively few actions of our limited time "alive," we will be judged and set off on an eternal path that is crudely separated into two worlds.