Zombody to Love

Creator: Richard Crossley
Genres: Drama, Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
A heartless hit man unwittingly unleashes a zombie virus and finds his humanity, and love, as his life fades away.
Synopsis: Tapper, heartless enforcer for a drug kingpin, suffered a head injury when he was young. Due to a partial lobotomy, he has an issue with feeling emotions, or contemplating right and wrong. After stealing a car from a top secret lab, he kills the wrong target with shells that have been polluted with toxic waste. This starts a Zombie infection, and really pisses off his boss. When thugs kill the mother of Tapper's partner, Cootie, Cootie wants revenge. Tapper wants the boss's money, so he can escape.

After killing a big money mule, Tapper takes Cootie for some target practice in the woods, where they meet Zoey, a young woman trying to commit suicide. Tapper tries to help her out, but Cootie convinces her to join them. She knows the perfect spot for a showdown with the boss and his men. At the cabin, Tapper is reunited with a Girl he grabbed in a bar the night before. She, like him, has been infected by the gooey substance that got on the shells.

As the zombie epidemic grows out of control, and the boss and his henchman storm the cabin, Tapper and Felicia must cope with the realization that they are turning into Zombies themselves. As Tapper's body begins to betray him, his mind and heart begin to heal. He falls in love with Felicia, learns to appreciate life, even as he realizes it is quickly slipping away.

What begins as a dark comedy, takes a turn into dramatic and tragic love story as Tapper learns to live, while dying. A whole new take on what it means to become a Zombie, from the Zombies point of view, this story is about a man, who was a monster in life, discovering humanity as he becomes a monster in form.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Richard's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Original version. A tonal shift from dark comedy to drama, set within a horror environment, tells the Zombie story through the eyes of someone becoming one, and falling in love.