Liberty City

Age rating: 13 and older
Liberty City is set in 1968, a historical year of tumultuous happenings when an undefeated, black heavyweight boxer working on a construction job ends up facing his toughest opponent to date, a racist judge an all-white jury and a trumped-up charge that could prove fatal.
Synopsis: This (particular story) “Liberty City” takes place in 1968, a year in which 23-year old Keith G. Laufenberg was there, heard and saw these things happening and is absolutely mesmerized over the bare fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, has happened to change Liberty City, for the past 50+ years, from being a ghetto into a clean, uplifting neighborhood where people can live without fear and their children can thrive and dream of becoming a professional in some field other than athletics: usually boxing, football, basketball or baseball, in which those families (of the sport-star) then move from (usually) a subsidized apartment in (name ghetto, all American cities have, at least, one) to a multi-million dollar estate.
Liberty City was originally called “Model City,” and was supposed to become a model for middle income black Americans and (apparently) was, up until the 60's, but I never saw that myself and only know that Muhammad Ali stayed there, and in Overtown or Brownsville, also continuing ghettos, because he was lawfully barred from living in Miami Beach because of the color of his skin.
And so, I have written this screenplay because I want to shine a light on a perfect example of American capitalism in all it's phases: and the truth of what it is prducing, has produced and is (obviously, to this day) still producing.
And, please, make no mistake about it liberty City is just a name, Miami is not the only city in America that has a (usually majoritively black) ghetto: To this day, Miami has at least a half-dozen or more, including the three already named and the only reason I used it was, besides that so many boxers I knew lived there, I never forgot myself, one day, while sitting in a bar in Liberty City thinking that the last thing “available” in Liberty City was liberty itself and always thought it was indeed as big an ironic misnomer of a name, for a crumbling ghetto, as I have ever heard.

And then, in I lived in Vancouver, in B.C. and realized that this country, our neighbor, Canada, seems to have figured out that allowing everyone to have free health care, paying liveable wages, having no racist policies, accepting immigrants from every country and having strong unions actually makes lower-incomes disappear, thereby not producing what America appears to have a lock on: incessant, insidious ghetto's that deny even the simplist human rights to its inhabitants, including the children who grow up deprived of everything the middle-class and wealthy take for granted: little things: like enough food, clothes, school supplies and, even love, and, all too many times with no role models other than those they see, live with and, all too many times, become. I rest my case.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Keith G.'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Liberty City vividly shows that history indeed repeats itself in far too many situations, none more relevant or prevalent, then the insidious ghetto's America creates and can find no cure for and, in 1968, they were as bad as they ever were, as the revolution that had been simmering for so many decades began to rip at the seams and then, as if happening overnight, it burst open.