I Lived

Creator: Casey Millette
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
Four friends become a family as they break from their mistakes and are sucked into a global adventure around the world in eighty days.
Synopsis: Oliver, an angsty teenager, sits and tells Dixie the story of his and her husband`s trip around the world in eighty days.
Cornelius is a grieving professor whose son was killed in a car wreck. His depression leads him to take drugs and close his shell. He lives with his goddaughter, a witty, but soft-hearted homeschooler named Skylar. Skylar, concerned about Cornelius`s depression, tells him to take a trip in order to live again and move on from his son. Cornelius begrudgingly agrees to take a global adventure around the world in eighty days. Oliver, a student in Cornelius`s literature class and Skylar`s crush, is brutally abused by his alcoholic father on a normal basis. Cornelius is his tutor and father figure. When Cornelius notices Oliver`s fresh scars, he invites Oliver to accompany him and Skylar on their trip. Oliver refuses. After a long day of school, Oliver returns to a wasted father. He makes up his mind and steals his dad`s car to get to the airport. He catches Cornelius and Skylar just in time. They really don`t have any idea what they are doing.
They begin their trip in Chile and promptly board a chopper headed for Antarctica. They get caught in a major blizzard and are forced to jump by parachute from the helicopter. Skylar shoves Oliver out first. Oliver splashes, disoriented, in the snow until Flick, a Czech outdoorsman, rescues him. The left side of Flick`s face is concealed behind a mysterious mask. Once reunited, Cornelius introduces Flick to the teenagers as their guide and protector. Flick drives a boat to the tail of Cape Town, South Africa. During the trip, he sees a news article reporting that Oliver is missing. Flick recognizes the boy, but doesn`t take action yet. Later, the four travelers rent a jeep and use it to travel across the Savannah. They encounter creatures, destruction, strange foods, and the exotic people. They find a village wrecked by terrorists along the way. They help dress peoples` wounds, and Oliver meets a special needs girl. He plays her guitar for her, and unifies the village back together. Skylar and Oliver sit outside. Oliver reveals that he came on the trip to find his mom, who left him and his father because of the violence. Flick watches from afar and dials a phone, calling the United States. He reports Oliver. They discover public transit that they can use to take them to Egypt. They visit one of the only Christian churches in Cairo. Skylar asks Flick why he hates God, and Flick reveals the story behind his mask.
After touring Europe, they stay in a glass igloo, Finland. Skylar reveals to Oliver that she is writing a book of some sort. He convinces Skylar to let him read it. In the moment, Skylar confesses her feelings for him, but Oliver is completely oblivious to it. Outside, Flick catches Cornelius taking antidepressants, and Cornelius catches Flick pondering suicide. They exchange the bullet and the medication.
Oliver returns Skylar`s work after the group crosses Russia and camp out in Iraq. As he shares his thoughts with her, they are arrested by Arab mercenaries looking to turn Oliver in for ransom, a result of Flick`s phone call earlier. They succeed. Oliver is questioned by a U.S. army veteran who tells him that his abusive father has been arrested. Because Flick is attached to the group, he bails them from the military base.
Oliver calls his friend, Collin, whose mom is a publisher, in the Himalayas. He agrees to send Skylar`s work over. Flick demands Cornelius for his bullet back and learns that Cornelius never gave up the antidepressants. In the midst of their argument, a massive storm hits. Flick hikes across the rest of the mountains in the blizzard to get help. He finds the Chinese city of Lhasa and manages to save the others. Oliver gets Skylar and Cornelius, both in critical condition, into the hospital. Inside the hospital, he finds his mom, Harper, who has been working there as a nurse ever since she left him behind. Once Skylar is safe to travel, Cornelius, Flick, and Skylar separate from Oliver who insists on staying with his mom. Later, Harper convinces her son that he made a mistake and to go find his friends.
In Australia, Cornelius, weak from the medication withdrawal, almost dies while scuba-diving. Skylar guesses what is wrong and learns that he has been on antidepressants ever since his son died. Because of Cornelius`s age, the withdrawal is killing him. In Chile again, Flick ponders suicide. Cornelius manages to bring him back from the brink, but just barely. Flick forgives himself for the choices that he made.
Cornelius, Flick, and Skylar sway in a chopper for the last time. Skylar and Flick try to convince Cornelius to sit out the sky-dive because the impact will kill him. Cornelius refuses and takes the dive. He realizes Earth`s true beauty in his last moments.
Back to present, Dixie convinces Oliver to find Skylar again. Oliver does and discovers her working as a waitress. He convinces her to sit down and discuss what they had been through. Afterward, he takes her to a shop window where they see her book, "I Lived", published and on the shelf.

Latest Work

  • Script 4 - Casey's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Grammatical errors have been fixed, and the script has been looked at by several more pairs of eyes, other than my own.

All Work

  • Script 3 - Casey's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Entire beginning sequence has been rewritten. Scattered dialogue has been improved and few formatting mistakes corrected.
  • Script 2 - Casey's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Several eyes have read over this revision. Grammatical and formatting errors have been repaired, and a certain scene more of the controversial side has been cut. Sentences that bogged down the script in general have also been looked into and revised.
  • Script 1 - Casey's Original Draft