Amelia Pine is Stuck in Time

Creator: Richard Matthes
Age rating: Everyone
Amelia Pine has deleted all of scientific history. Now, along with her friend Jake and her sentient computer Neil, she must travel through time to help scientists rediscover their important theories, laws, and proofs.

Latest Work

  • Mini-bible 2
    Creative Notes:
    This version added two characters who were in the pilot but were not going to recur, includes two more episode ideas, and tries to explain how Amelia Pine's viewers will naturally flock to Amazon Instant.
    Amelia Pine created a time machine, then deleted all of scientific history. Now she has to go back and fix it.
  • Pilot Script 3 - Amelia and the Radioactive Madame
    Creative Notes:
    The acts have been broken down, dialog has been tightened, The Mime character and the Bluebird character have been added/improved. Descriptions have been made more concise & clear.
    Amelia Pine created a time machine. She shouldn't have.

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