The Krypton You Never Knew

Creator: johnar hallel
Age rating: Everyone
The real history despite the differing depictions of what happened to destroy the entire star group.
Synopsis: (continued) The Keid Maaz effect itself could trigger the imbalance that plunges Krypton's star into a full fledged black hole. Zor-El rejects his concerns as does the Ruling Council. For political expediency they proceed and banish Jor-El from the proceedings. This is when he hastily bundles his son to a pod and Earth. His sister in law (who lives in the family compound) hears of what he is doing and sends her daughter to watch over her cousin but also to spare her life.

Background / history is key to many puzzles throughout all the Superman / Supergirl iterations.

With the exception of very few Kryptonians, they are a snooty species, aggressive, and hated by the galactic community. They are the "americans" of the galaxy so to speak. Aliens love their wealth and their technology but hate them. Sending Kal-El pr Kara Zor-El to any other world would have been a death sentence.

Earth and Kryptonians have a long history as well. Only the Kryptonians developed a stealth prime directive. 10k years earlier, they were the gods and goddesses of Greek and other mythology. And it will turn out they seeded the Neanderthals with their DNA to produce homo sapiens. This is where the metahumans (like the Flash etc. came from... mutated K-DNA that is activated by whatever force). It also explains why humans harbor resentment for Kryptonians (even benevolent ones like Superman and Supergirl).

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - the real story
    Creative Notes:
    Krypton and sister world Thoron (Daxam) orbit a rare red dwarf pre-black hole star. It has an accretion disk with gamma jets, and for billions of years it has been n the brink of becoming a black hole (killing all life). Keid Maaz is a device if successful that will transfer the entire planet to another universe and a safe star, but some of the numbers were fudged by Zor-El. Jor-El discovers this