Creator: Blake Jones
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
An internet dating-based drama where Douglas, handsome and confident, ignites emotion in everyone: men resent him, women want to be with him. Jolted by unexpected events, he faces a nearly total collapse until Sandy, a past conquest, helps him to reset his life and future.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Enjoying the perfect life is a difficult position for one to recognize let alone sustain. We get acquainted with Douglas, a handsome young man. He has it all: money, intellect, and a promising career. A man’s man. His success with attracting women is legendary and the subject of great envy among his peers. His unreserved willingness to share the details of his escapades and techniques only adds to his legend.

Using the matchmaking website,, he enjoys a steady diet of attractive, expendable women. As we witness more of his life and lifestyle, we begin to get acquainted with some of his character flaws. Serious flaws. He is a liar. He is selfish and opportunistic. His interest in fueling his own ego and willingness to ruthlessly devour and digest others starts to undermine his persona.

The cancerous flaws reach a critical mass. His world collapses. He loses his job. Due to the circumstances surrounding his dismissal, no one will hire him.

He loses his car. Unable to pay his bills, his condominium is subject to foreclosure.

The meltdown is complete when the supportive Sandy, his most recent love interest, discovers evidence of his infidelity and dumps him. Ironically, he had grown to consider her ‘a keeper’ and was seriously contemplating a more permanent relationship with her when she shows him the door.

Broken and depressed, he is humbled and appreciative when Sandy re-surfaces and gives him a scond chance. As the architect of his redemption and recovery, she causes a surprising sequence of events to be put in motion.

A temporary bliss ensues and blossoms with a beach wedding planned for Cabo San Lucas. The wedding party enjoys some pre-ceremony fun with the guys going marlin fishing and the girls enjoying water activities on the beach. Sandy and her girlfriend make the unfortunate choice to go parasailing. An accident occurs. The tow rope breaks. The parasail slows their descent from 500 feet and the two survive the harrowing drop to the water. But Sandy dies, drowning, after chasing her girlfriend’s camera and getting tangled in parasail rigging.

Douglas contemplates a new array of unanticipated options, including suicide. He is clearly devastated.

Will the lure of ‘the chase’ draw Douglas back onto the same path of narcissistic self-destruction or will he accept the simplicity and pace of his new life even in the absence of his guiding light, Sandy?

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  • Script 1 - Blake's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Reinforcing the notion that you may not know what you have got until it is gone, it’s a captivating story set in the internet dating scene about narcissism, self-destruction, and redemption.