Creator: Cody James Ong
Age rating: 17 and older
A Survival Horror/Scifi film based off all of my favorite horror movies from past decades but mostly influenced by John Carpenters, The Thing. It's an alien abduction film that is a fight to survive challenge for a group of teenagers on an alien ship, within earths moon
Synopsis: Spectrum is about an alien abduction on a farm in Indiana in the 90's. A young group of high schooler teens discover a teleporter in their barn after one of their little brothers disappearances and they all get shot out through time and space, waking up inside an alien spaceship that is hidden within the Earth's moon. The group must fight to survive in this sci-fi thriller of cat and mouse while trying to find the little brother and stop the creatures from leaving the ship.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Sci-Fi Horror
    Creative Notes:
    This is a hook trailer to grab you in as if you were being abducted by aliens. I have a full script done and the trailer on youtube has over 20,000 views. We have tons of pictures of alien renders and concept art for a "look book" Looking for management to shoot the feature film.