Creator: william freda
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Five young men growing up in an Italian section of Newark, N.J. during the mid 1950’s, seek their fame as the pop group, “Take Five.” Their big break comes when they are booked at “Skinny” D’Amato's famous “500 Club” in Atlantic City, N.J.
Synopsis: Set in the postwar mid 1950’s, and the oncoming
boom years, “1957” is about five young Italian men from the
Newark, New Jersey area who aspire to gain fame as the next
great pop group. Although they are bent on competing with
Frank Sinatra's reign, and the oncoming rock and roll era,
they mainly play weddings, local night clubs, and occasional
resort gigs. They all are somewhat eccentric individuals but
completely united as a band, all share the same taste in dress,
movies, and food, mainly Italian, and the chase for every
pretty girl, who will listen to them. We follow our characters
as they sort through the realities and conflicts of everyday
life, peer pressure, and the dreams of success. We watch as
the group, who call themselves, “Take Five,” perform
musical hits of the day and play local night clubs until they
finally get what might be their big break at “Skinny”
D’Amato's famous “500 Club” in Atlantic City, N.J.

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