escape from hell

Age rating: Everyone
freedom or death
A child farmer twelve yars old is recruited by a gang of Farc-ep
subversive army in colombia. During the walking many days on
mountains;the boy advises the losting of his dreams being biker
championchip and then is hidden into jungle to trainning in service
like killer kid for international comunism ideology.
He watches the intimidation over children guerrilla with the
revolutionary judgements and accepting it to save his life;
participating in executions of law sentences of death dictated by
manipulators of military rules with excuse to support revolutionary
moral that feed distrust and intrigues between members of the
weaponred organization.
The conspiration;intrigue and betrayal are a ghost living in
encampments of colombian guerrilla. Guerrilla war is practical diary
food to children spirit that grow in wickedness and bitterness and
going to climbing in satanic hierarchy of subversive troop.
The ideoilogical dogmas taught in political lectures guide like hired
assasin by politics people with pretext to apply revolutionary justice.
Kidnapping and killing are media justifying the end toward to
generalizated violence in the colombian country.
The young guerrilla suffers himself the betrayal;envidious and
humilliations after trying to be hero on duty. He fullfilled with sucess
to the organization a serie of terrorific missions oriented by Farc
comandants directives.
His boldness;corageous and a little bit of farmering suspicious saves
him being executed like many other boys that had remained like seed
to lay the foundation of terrorism in mind of guerrilla young by
Furthermore;desertion germ going to grow in his heart and getting
consciencious of satanic force that is the weaponred organization
gives radical changes of peace wishes and take part of normal living
into civil society with democratic laws.
In middle of war hell;after fight during more than twenty years
against nobody knows who;not reason neither and seeing the real
objectives is keeping drugs commerce of formerly revolutionary
army;young guerrilla decides abandon the subversive organization
and prepares his escape;risking his life charging revenge;killing his
keepers and persecuters in the gloomy laberynth of amazonia
colombian jungles planned by leaders of Farc-ep and searching a
way to find freedom and a life in peace.

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