Let's Ride Show

Creator: Kevin J Ferguson
Age rating: 17 and older
Let's Ride is a multi media show designed to share the experience of the everyday motorcycle enthusiasts.
Synopsis: “Let’s Ride Show” is a show about 4 friends whose daily lives and work frustrate them. To escape the pressures of life, these 4 friends turn to their common bond…. Motorcycles! What transpires from here is part documentary, part reality, part adventure and pure fun.
Synopsis: “Let’s Ride” is not a “motorcycle build off” or “biker gang” show. It’s a show that highlights each individual rider, dives into their personalities and shares their reasons and passions for riding motorcycles, while taking the audience on wonderful journeys…..and sometimes not so wonderful journeys (breakdowns, flat tires, bad weather etc.) Whether you ride motorcycles or not, “Let’s Ride” will capture a wide demographic by appealing to all generations with interesting places to travel, wonderful people to meet and extraordinary or not extraordinary places to eat and sleep. The show can go from coast to coast, and maybe even internationally.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Let's Ride Show
    Creative Notes:
    Start's with the 4 men entering Fl. On the Mayport Ferry in Jacksonville on their motorycles and follow's their 3 day adventurous ride to Fantasy Fest in Key West. Showing both pros and cons of this relaxed lifestyle.