"'90's Tommy"

Creator: Steve Cangelosi
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
The comedic, heartfelt tale of how one man, in his search for happiness, takes nostalgia to the extreme by making everything in his life like the 1990’s again.
Synopsis: “’90’s TOMMY” follows the comedic journey of a New Yorker and his quest to find happiness when his life falls apart. After suffering through a couple of negative life-changing events, the main character comes to realize what he needs to do to help himself-wax nostalgic and live life like his favorite decade, the 1990’s. Of course, due to the story not being a disaster flick or an “Avatar”-like adventure, “’90’s TOMMY” could be made on a limited budget. There have been plenty of movies and TV shows about the 1980’s; it’s about time that the ‘90’s now gets it shot.

“’90’s TOMMY” is the story of Tommy Randazzo, whose blessed life which consists of a good job, a nice house, a great marriage, a loving family and a close relationship with his mom and dad, suddenly falls apart. In a short time span, Tommy’s company demotes him, his wife asks for a divorce, and then, after moving back in with his parents at his childhood home, they both decease. This causes an emotional downturn for the main character. Tommy desperately tries to find a way to escape his depression and figure out what will make him feel happy again.

Since he can’t go back in time, Tommy decides to re-create the last decade of the 20th Century, when he was young and carefree. Tommy does everything to avoid reality and live life like he did back then (i.e., the clothes he wears, the music he listened to, the movies, television shows and sporting events he watched, the relationships he had). It becomes borderline obsessive. His family and friends try to help him confront his problems as he goes deeper and deeper in his delusions of grandeur. Is he mentally ill or just trying to live life in a way that makes him happy? Tommy finally finds a possible solution in one of the least-expected places.

Even though what he becomes essentially does not hurt anybody, everyone around him thinks Tommy is acting a bit unstable, and that he should go back to his normal daily routine. For some, it is not that easy. Sometimes, people need more time to deal with loss on their own terms, as long as nobody else is affected. Also, at some point in our adult lives, almost all of us yearn to be young again and treasure the memories of their youth.

“’90’s TOMMY” is a hilarious, crazy, realistic, touching, no-holds-barred tale of a man trying to find happiness and a study of the human psyche, all the while celebrating the ‘90’s. The most important thing is that the story, as well as the characters, will resonate with a large audience.

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