Creator: Dave Belisle
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Hayward Templeton is a graduate psychiatry student who battles a long list of bizarre mental illnesses on his way to the major leagues ... as a screwball pitcher.
Synopsis: Screwball is … the quintessential screwball. A screwball about a screwball with a screwball. That is, a comedy about Hayward Templeton, a graduate psychiatry student at the University of Iowa … who battles a lengthy list of strange mental disorders… on his way to the major leagues … as a screwball pitcher.

Hayward’s approached to pitch in a co-ed baseball game for the school’s psychiatry department. He reluctantly agrees and – like any good scientist – researches the position. He discovers the screwball and his uncanny knack for throwing it well. His unique pitch draws interest from the college baseball coach … as Templeton’s coed team wins easily.

During the celebration however, Hayward is accidentally, unceremoniously dropped on his head. He falls unconscious. While he’s under, a couple of classmates quiz each other on an upcoming test about mental illnesses. Talking freely in the presence of an unconscious person? A definite no-no in the doctrine of L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics”.

When Hayward regains consciousness a few minutes later, he appears to be fine. The Kansas City Royals immediately sign him to a pro contract and send him to their triple-AAA farm team in Memphis.

But Hayward refuses to take the plane when he suddenly falls victim to aerophobia – the fear of flying. While on the mound during his first minor league game, he has a panic attack over a non-existent zit on his face. He falls asleep between innings. All this, before even throwing a pitch in the majors.

Screwy demeanour or not, he mows down the batters and – following a no-hitter – the Royals bring him up to The Show. Kansas City hires a female psychiatrist, Jenna Wilson, to care for him. While Hayward is sure he can solve his mental issues by himself, Cupid’s chemistry forms between them. The mental disorders – including an instance of cross-dressing – take a toll on their relationship.

With each bizarre hit-and-run illness, Jenna worries about Hayward’s health. But Hayward Mania sweeps the nation … as the sad sack Royals are suddenly pennant contenders. The Royals owner, George Stonebreaker, vows that no hospital will hold Hayward as long as he continues to shut down opposing teams with his unhittable screwball.

Will Hayward’s mental illnesses ever end? Will he and Jenna further explore their doctor-doctor privileges? Will the Kansas City Royals win the World Series?

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