All-American Joe

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
This story is “Damn Yankees” with a different twist. This “Joe’s” deal with the devil doesn’t give him any talent but an awful lot of headaches, while all America can see is their hero who can do no wrong.
Synopsis: JOE WANNAMAKER is a forty-year-old, single millionaire who lives in his grandmother’s mansion with his parents, an English butler, and a talking Parrot who watches too much TV. Joe’s got everything a man could want; except a girlfriend and the ability to do anything right. But it’s Joe’s love for sports that gets him through each day and the lure needed to make him the prize catch of OLIVER TOLLIVER, The Devil’s number one recruiter and closer.

Joe’s signature on the Devil’s dotted line is Tolliver’s cherry on top of a double malt shake. Tolliver knows the rich will find their way to the boss in their own due time, but to deliver a rich man who can buy whatever he longs for on his own accord will spring him to the top and provide him a place by the Devil’s side.

Joe’s venture into the world of professional sports finds him loved by all but a natural disaster for any team he lands with. Embarrassed by his inability to do anything right and realizing the “grass isn’t always greener” Joe ask out of his contract which Tolliver has no problem with obliging; all he has to do is initial “clause D” and he’s a free man. But upon reading the fine print Joe knows clause D will do anything but free him.

Stuck as America’s all-American hero in a world he no longer wants Joe resorts to the devil’s tactics becoming someone no one expected, and the pitchfork in Tolliver’s ass.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - James C.'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The "Joe" in this "Damn Yankees" reversal is all about a live at home forty year-old millionaire who loves sports but isn't good at any. He signs a deal with the Devil's top associate to hear the roar of the crowd because he thinks it's a joke and he's on Candid Camera; but what he's done is become America's bumbling no talent hero who can see him do no wrong.