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Age rating: 17 and older
An English soldier in WWII finds himself as only survivor of his unit. He decides to trade uniforms with a dead German to escape. He doesn’t speak German; his hope to reunite with his wife will be his motivation to endure the Gestapo harassment.
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Synopsis: A story of love and limits. How far would you go for love?

Roger marries his pregnant girlfriend Gretchen before leaving London for WWII. Thirteen months later he's the only survivor of a German surprised attack. He doesn't speak German, but in a fully occupied territory he decides his only chance to escape and survive is to trade uniforms with a dead German and fakes shock over battle. He gets captured, and is placed in a German hospital in France, under arrest until they confirm his identity.

A German nurse, attracted to him, discovers the truth and gets a German identity to help him. The Gestapo suspects, and Roger has to endure the psychological torture of the agency.

Gretchen informed that Roger is missing in France, decides to volunteer for the Red Cross to look for him. Walter, an attractive Doctor, falls in love with her and helps her in the search. Months later, with no luck looking in the allies’ hospitals, convinced that Roger is dead, she decides to go back to London to her daughter, but before leaving she seduces Walter.

Already in London, Gretchen receives a call from Roger, who only manages to say her name and hangs up; impressed, she faints, and discovers that she's pregnant. Even so, the mysterious call encourages her to go back to France, in a last effort to find Roger and again, Walter helps her.

The war is almost ending. Gretchen insists in travelling by car to keep looking for Roger, her pregnancy is well advanced, in a trip to Grenoble her baby is still-born. The same day, a German doctor that helped Roger dies. At the burials, Roger and Gretchen finally reunite when they coincide at the cemetery. They talk and decide not to separate, but when Roger goes back to say farewell to the nurse that helped him, he gets arrested by the Allies’ army, sent back to London and tried as a deserter in a court martial. A brilliant defense gets him a non-guilty verdict.

Finally free, Roger and Gretchen's love has conquered all.


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