Creator: Pete Balk
Age rating: Everyone

" Chinese Lanterns" and larger balloons transport and carry blue pearls that
are capable of turning human beings into nobler persons ( without causing
suspicion in a totally restrictive world ) .

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A six-spike-shaped shiny hot air balloon approaches our sight, the hundred-foot colossus is being glimpsed from several angles ( like a very agile though shy, curious and scared fluttering hummingbird - wanting to see what is inside that gondola ), green rural landscapes are being overflown, after almost an hour on this very bright sunny afternoon it enters the city, where it is targeting the Super Bowl Stadium. In the first 17 minutes of the game ( 0 x 0 ) it decides to hover and lays itself withered and " exhausted " partially over the goal crossbar, the gondola rests inside the pitch markings, the stadium is packed, the athletes still run after that leather, security officers arrive to pick away all that strange body that intrudes the location ( " show must go on " ), if it wasn`t for the fact that an apparently just fainted 40 plus young fellow ducks in it with both arms widespread over the basket edges ( wicker ), great apprehension rushes over thousands of souls on the seats and over millions of individuals of the worldwide television audience. A never ever heard before roar in C Minor escalates to a devilish, dingy and monstrous baffle.
Desolate faces, the medical team springs up to aid - the diagnosis : unknown dead.

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