Gator Squad:Rise of the Gator Queen

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Gator Squad is a team of Texas licensed alligator and wildlife experts teaching coexsistence and urban wildlife management in a new way. The alpha male Gator Chris & Christy Kroboth aka Gator Girl shot to internet fame catching Godzilla in Home Depot parking lot 2 years ago
Synopsis: The sizzle is brief to entice you to want more. We have 2 years of real and raw documentary footage capturing the rise of Gator Queen. The team is 20 year Wildlife pro Gator Chris, and Christy Kroboth (google her) and what has happened to her and Gator Squad after she lite the internet on fire. We do 911 calls, and proactively manage tens of thousands of acres of private Texas land ensuring the animals and the people are behaving, and following rules of coexistence. Rule 1 for people dont feed or mess with wildlife in anyway, and rule 1 for gators dont prey on people for snacks. We teach the animals dominance and reinforce stay away from people by negative (but not harmful) experiences around people. Keeping animals scared of people, removing naughty, sick, injured, old, and teaching people the rules of safe coexsistence ensures wildlife can live around Houstons 6 million people with little to no incidnet each year. Lots of blood, sweat and tears to get here. We have 2 years of crazy animal managment footage, education, behind the scenes of Steve Harvey, 3 national prime time TV guest appearences , dozens of celebrities, and soo much more. We need help editing the mountain of footage into a movie or series. Dozens of local, national, and international stories about Gator Squad and a huge media following because we are licesned wildlife educators and coexsistence experts. Proactively we ensure our residents are safe from neighborhood gators that respect people because Gator Squad makes sure of it. As well, mange deer and for right population densities and herd health, as well as hog eradication.
Recent Barcroft Story all images and footage is Gator Squads:
HURRICANE HARVEY 20k twitter storm:
Gator Squad footage and storm catches were part of Animal Planet Special.
Hurricane Harvey Heros--- Nik Coleman Productions, featuring our footage and catches during the epic storm.

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    Gator Squad are urban Wildlife Experts licensed, insured, and experience managing and education of Coexsistence. The Team is Gator Chris Stephens and Christy Kroboth. Gator Chris, the Alpha male gets hand to hand with Gators. Christy Kroboth aka Gator Girl shot to internet fame catching a 13' alligator in home depot parking lot. The duo has been documenting thier catches to share the truth.