ZULUS - The Crown of Thorns

Age rating: Everyone
Downtrodden Afro-Supernatural heroines reunite to save their teenage Zulu offspring from joining an intergalactic pusher-woman planning a zombie-cannibal Armageddon.
Synopsis: Fallen mutable demon Hunter Du Quark repossesses the coveted Crown of Thorns since World War Two. In the 1950's Hunter launches satellite network CROWN and manages teen Meta Rock and Roll propaganda with her newly discovered band The CUBS. After being drafted for tour of duty in Vietnam, CUBS band leader Toby Grant creates a crime fighting league to defeat his mentor, now his nemesis for selling zombie drug culture. Toby gets framed and stands trial for the attempted assassination of Hunter foiling her plot in the racially tense zombie versus Meta community. Toby gets sentenced fifteen years death row stay of execution. Toby's wife, Rhonda, once known as "Wonder" disbands The CUBS League on a pact to make ends meet for sons Joachim and River and the 80’s ZULUS break culture. River, suffers gang bashing from Hunter’s daughter, next generation Red Hoods leader, Roxzanne Du Quark to muscle in zombie crystals using murder and the occult. Hunter’s spouse, immortal, charismatic, Reverend-Mayor Tom Sperret-Du Quark grooms their genetically created offspring to carry on the Crown zombie drug trade at the Town Carnival with forged ZULU allies. Downtrodden CUBS, The Meta Family by renewed faith and super powers caper to break out Toby for the final battle against Hunter. The CUBS transcend time-travel, death, and defuse all nuclear threats. Shape-shifting, fire-breathing ZILLA HUNTER gets beaten by CUBS League till her fiery head explodes! Peace is restored and CUBS offspring ZULUS bury the Crown of Thorns in the Lazarus-Pit.
TARGET AUDIENCE - The Crown of Thorns will appeal to a young adult male/female audience. Fans of films such as Side-Kick; Kick-Ass; The Watchmen; X-Men; BTTF; GOT will enjoy ZULUS – The Crown of Thorns.

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