The Saints

Creator: Gary Coach
Age rating: 17 and older
A man leads his reunited, past their primes youth, street football team into a big time rough touch football league.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Dwayne is in his early 30s and he, and his best friend decided to join a group of other 30 some things and play a group of cocky kids in their early 20s in a pick-up game of tackle football. Rusty and out of shape, Dwayne performs badly and his team loses in humiliating fashion. Dwayne is an aspiring writer in the midst of writer's block who works for an unappreciative boss at a factory. He never had too many things going on in his life but his athleticism but after his performance in that loss, he doesn't have that anymore.

For retribution, his best friend wants to reunite their fearsome street football team and teach the young punks a lesson. After deciding against it, Dwayne relents and goes about reuniting and convincing his former teammates to join in. They all agree but once together, an opportunity for an even bigger prize is presented to them. A chance to enter the biggest rough touch football tournament and win a hundred-thousand dollars. His friends all jump at the chance to win the money and help better their stations in life but as their leader, Dwayne has doubts that he can summon the old magic to lead and give his over matched friends the "ride off into the sunset" moment; they all crave.

The Saints is an original work registered with the WGA.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Gary's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The premise came about as I listened to sports talk radio. A lot of guys who love sports never want on to the professional level but many, for the love of the game, played in community leagues. I asked myself: What would it be like if a group of these men tried to capture their glory years?