Age rating: Everyone
When a research scientist discovers that a maelstrom has collided with a thunderstorm, producing monster size hail stones, an entire town’s existence hangs in the balance unless he can find a way to stop it.
Synopsis: A disgraced meteorologist tries to regain his standing within the scientific community but is continually thwarted by the efforts of a former friend and colleague. Nobody will give his new invention, a device to help eliminate drought around the world, a chance. Add to this the fact that his daughter is dating the son of his rival, and his life becomes a shambles. After a series of unaccounted for disasters around the world, he discovers a pattern and predicts that this “hailström” will hit his hometown just during their Christmas in July festival. Due to his past failures, no one will believe this prediction and it is left up to him and his ex-wife, a military pilot, to do something about it. As they race against the clock to avoid total destruction, the town begins to get bombarded. The devastation is mind-boggling as people literally run for their lives. Only him, his ex-wife, an experimental military plane and an untested piece of equipment can avert disaster and save his daughter, the town and his reputation.

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