But That's Not All

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Ty Avery is getting married and needs to find a good job in a bad economy. He takes a job at a local Infomercial company and develops a passion for the bizarre world of infomercial pitchmen, weird contraptions, odd inventions, and behind-the-scenes "As Seen on TV" madness.
Synopsis: Set in the dark corridors of Knock-Off Alley, an underworld meeting place for the fanatical sellers of widgets, gadgets, thig-a-ma-jigs, and doo-dads, we meet Ty Avery … a normal guy trying to make a name for himself in corporate America.

Ty’s fiancée, Melissa Huffington, is a wealthy blue-blood with traditional values who insists that he focus on the ideal career and the ideal philanthropic cause. Melissa has the perfect smile, the perfect figure, and the perfect handbag. These are tough economic times; however, and Ty must take what he can get. When he lands a job at a local infomercial company, she is downright mortified.

At Horn and Wells, Ty encounters a wild world of inventions, inventors, and the invented. The company is directed by concentration starved and compliment-seeking Gwenn Horn. Gwenn cannot hold a consistent thought for more than 45 seconds, unless of course, it’s about her. Her agoraphobic co-founder Seymour Wells is trapped in a box through virtual conferencing. Only Tina White, a wisecracking temp who happens to be black, seems to have a firm grasp on reality as she guides Ty through the oddball world of unlikely pitchmen, outlandish contraptions, and implausible inventions.

Ty’s boss, Ben Chase, is a consumer sales genius with a mental “skip” that causes him to repeat things three times. Ben’s beloved sidekick is “Alice Everywoman, a human-size doll that is the perfect American Size 12. Alice regularly attends brainstormings, lunches, new product presentations, and get-away weekends with Ben to Lake Arrowhead.

Despite relationship friction, Ty develops a passion for the wildly creative environment behind the Self-Improvement gurus and the “Get Rich Quick” schemes. His very first project, a beer chugging, chain-smoking Irish exercise guru named Jamie Steele, (author of Steele That Fat), has the potential to revolutionize the weight loss category with his “One Bite Diet.” The only “fly in the ointment” is Serge LeVamp, a Euro-Trash knock-off artist, who is at-work on a copy cat product: “The One Meal Miracle,” with Scottish gastronome Alistair MacDougall and an elaborate plan to kidnap Alice.

Enlightened by the “dark side” of TV Marketing, we witness Ty’s transformation from infomercial neophyte to direct-to-consumer god. He champions new mega-hits like: Bunion Buddy, The Dog Yeller, Happy Colon, Sheep Dew Facial, Cankle-Away, and the Noah’s Ark Necklace!

Ty ultimately emerges as a major player in the endearing world of menacing misfits that all take their shot at the American Dream … any one of which could have the next multi-million dollar “hit”!

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