Malicious Code

In the year 2025, Detective John Winters is enlisted to investigate a series of mysterious deaths linked to a brain implanted telecommunications device, the corporation that sells it and its missing inventor.
Synopsis: A barista runs out of a coffeehouse into rush hour traffic where she is struck by several cars and killed. An architect, on his way to a meeting, stops at a public fountain and drowns himself. A mother arguing with her daughter crashes her car into a steel support beam, killing them both. The year is 2025 and until now, the city of Chicago has not had a suicide in two years.

Detective John Winters sits in an IonCorp waiting room while his daughter, Kelly, receives a NeuroClear brain implant; a technological marvel that combines all forms of media into one tiny device. Shortly after taking her home, Detective Winters receives a phone call from his former boss, Police Chief Shumway, asking him to come out of retirement to investigate the mysterious suicides. He reluctantly accepts the assignment.

After having dinner with Kelly, Winters sits down with a glass of liquor and reviews the background files of the suicide victims. He falls asleep working and has a fitful, recurring nightmare. Hung over the next morning, Winters visits the coffeehouse where the barista was killed. He questions her manager and then visits the scenes of the other suicides in an attempt to find a common thread linking them all. Winters returns home and buries himself in his work, until he falls asleep at his desk.

The telephone rings, waking Winters with a start. He answers and Chief Shumway tells him to turn on the evening news. On screen is 'breaking news' of a bus/train accident. Eye witnesses report that the bus driver parked his bus on the tracks and waited for the train to hit. Of the fifty-three passengers on the bus, there are only six survivors. Winters meets with Chief Shumway at the police station where he gets the bus accident file and a flying squad car. Winters thumbs through the file and sees photos of body parts around the crash site. Wanting a firsthand look, Winters leaves in the flying squad car for the scene of the bus accident. Finding nothing at the scene, he visits the county morgue where the bus driver's body has been taken.

Detective Winters arrives just as the Medical Examiner is beginning his autopsy on the bus driver. As the Medical Examiner moves the body, Winters sees a glint of metal under a torn piece of scalp, the bus driver’s NeuroClear implant. With sudden revelation, Winters bolts from the autopsy room to check a hunch against the victim files in his squad car. Winters flips through the files and finds the one thing connecting them all... the IonCorp NeuroClear implant.

Winters informs Chief Shumway of his discovery and enlists a hacker, Rachel, to help him navigate his way around the techworld and the NeuroClear implant. Rachel is not happy to see him and is reluctant to help, until he reminds her that she owes him one. Winters and Rachel go to IonCorp, where Winters accuses the CEO and CTO of selling faulty equipment. They deny the accusations, give Winters some background on the implant and agree to help the investigation. However, they have their own motives.

IonCorp's CTO accompanies Detective Winters and Rachel to the county morgue, where he removes the bus driver's NeuroClear implant. They return to IonCorp with the implant and begin to pull data from it. As they examine the data, they find a virus that could only have been written by one of IonCorp's programmers. In a futile attempt to keep the implants' compromise secret, Winters and Rachel are thrown out of the building before they can get the names of IonCorp’s programmers.

Winters returns with a warrant and gets the information he needs from IonCorp. The police round up all of IonCorp's programmers and bring them in for questioning. One former programmer, Seth Archer, is missing and his house appears to be abandoned. Police force entry into Archer's residence. Inside, Winters finds a hidden room with the original NeuroClear schematics.

Detective Winters returns to the police station where he questions the other IonCorp employees about Seth Archer. He learns that Seth originally designed the implant. After a disagreement with IonCorp, Seth was fired and IonCorp claimed the implant as their invention. Meanwhile, Rachel finds a back door deliberately built into the implant's hardware. The police put out a city-wide APB on Seth Archer. IonCorp's CEO learns about the backdoor and sends a security team to capture Seth. IonCorp’s man inside the police department kidnaps Rachel and steals the evidence.

Seth arrives at his hideout and discovers his landlord is about to turn him in. He kills his landlord and flees to avoid capture. Moments later, the police arrive to find the landlord dead and his car missing. The search for Seth Archer continues until the police get a hit on the missing car near the airport. Winters is first on the scene and finds the car abandoned. Airport security is alerted while Winters dashes to the airport to apprehend Seth. He enters the airport and finds security chasing Seth toward him. Winters takes down him and handcuffs him. Seth is taken to a holding room until backup arrives. Winters interrogates Seth in the holding room in an attempt to find out his plan. Winters soon realizes Seth was not at the airport to escape.

A massive explosion rips through the terminal as a pilot crashes his plane into the airport. In the midst of the chaos, Seth escapes and Winters gives chase. Winters has Seth in sight, but an injury prevents him from capturing Seth. As a paramedic tends to Winters’ injury, he curses himself for allowing Seth to escape. Shumway assures him Seth will be captured now that the Feds are involved and sends him home to rest.

After medicating himself, Winters receives a phone call from Shumway informing him that both Rachel and the evidence are missing. Shumway tells Winters to stay put and sends the police out to find Rachel. Winters falls asleep. Kelly arrives home and changes in her room. Unknown to Kelly, Seth watches her from the backyard and uploads a virus to her implant. Kelly prepares dinner, while Seth sneaks around the house hoping to see the exact moment when her virus activates.

An IonCorp security team watching Winters' home sees Seth sneaking around. They attempt to apprehend him just as Kelly's virus activates. Kelly stands over her sleeping father with a raised knife. Gunshots ring out as the security team tries to capture Seth. Winters awakens and rolls out of the way, just as Kelly brings down the knife. Winters knocks Kelly to the floor, grabs his gun and runs off to investigate.

Outside, Winters sees IonCorp security putting Seth into a car trunk. He tries to stop them and a shootout ensues. With the knife in hand, Kelly follows after her father and is shot in the crossfire. Winters runs to his daughter's aide as the security team escapes with Seth. Winters lays his daughter's body on the couch in his office. With new determination, he arms himself for the final showdown with IonCorp, Seth Archer and anyone else involved.

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