RV Sales

Creator: Timothy Kammer
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
After losing his job and everything Joe Parks is forced to live in his vintage Greyhound bus that’s been converted into an RV. Joe eventually gets a job selling RV’s where he is faced with a variety of customers each with their own unusual personalities and demands.
Synopsis: Joe Parks, a successful financial planner, suddenly loses his job, investments, home, rental furniture and car. This predicament forces him to move into a dilapidated RV park and live in his vintage Greyhound bus that’s been converted into an RV. Joe hangs out at his best friends bar and explains to patrons that everything can be explained with bar coasters. Joe eventually lands a job as salesperson at Crigger RV’s where he is promised he’ll make tons of money. Joe is instead faced with various customers that never buy and a strange group of coworkers.

Joe gets scolded for being five minutes late, but Cody, an eighth generation Crigger, comes to work late and hung-over and never disciplined. Merle is always on the phone with annoying one-sided conversations trying to sell expensive park models. A high school kid, known only as Intern, has one job, to shuffle the trailers and motorhomes that give the illusion people are buying. Saundra has a degree in graphic arts and marketing, but works in human resources while having feelings for Joe. Barsky, the sales manager, quotes useless motivational phrases no one knows how to put into practice. Brunilda, the nerdy sales woman ends her sentences with an inhale/exhale nervous laugh, but is somehow able to close lots of deals.

Joe is faced with a steady stream of customers he can’t close on, such as a well dressed man who looks at the most expensive motorhomes only to be denied credit on a small used pop-up tent trailer. Joe finds Cody asleep in the Man Cave, a trailer where sales people go to escape from the B.S. of the job. But it’s not just the job, Joe encounters a radar non-camera speed limit sign that displays his speed telling him to slow down, then is rejected by Saundra and finds out Barsky is skimming commissions from him and the other sales people.

Joe hacks into the company payroll system and changes everyone’s commissions to the right percentages. He is arrested the next day, but it is learned that Joe is innocent and Barsky gets arrested. Mr. Crigger, the owner/CEO, gives everyone their back pay Barsky skimmed from them and triples it. Suddenly, while getting the Man Cave ready to deliver, Max and Mick, the two maintenance guys, accidently puncture a propane tank, and it explodes.

Saundra and Joe get together and purchase her father’s printing shop and print bar coasters with Barsky’s corny quotes on them. Gus buys Saundra and Joe’s bar coasters for much less than his former vendor. At Gus’s Bar, the bar coasters are a hit with the bar patrons. The Crigger sales crew toasts and read the bar coasters quoting Barsky’s corny sayings.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Timothy's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    After selling RV's for two months and faced with strange coworkers and customers, I thought there was a movie in this, maybe even a sit-com