My first Christmas in America from Africa, a great Christmas comedy film

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
This video is a Christmas comedy, family-friendly film that will make the whole family, laugh, sing and dance in the same time during Christmas and the entire Holidays Season. It will also remind everybody who will watch it, the true meaning of Christmas celebration.
Synopsis: In 1994 in December, I moved in America from Africa. As you know December is a Christmas Month, I was so impressed to see everywhere in the Cities and Towns I visited, lots of beautiful Christmas decorations, Christmas commercials on TVs and Christmas songs on Radios, Christmas chopping, Christmas events, Christmas gifts and Christmas traveling. So as a Christian my first thought was that, all Americans were Christians and loved Jesus Christ so much that is why they were celebrating His Birthday in a very beautiful and special way because as Christian, we know that on Christmas, we celebrate Jesus Christ' s Birthday. In my native country, the DRC also called Congo Kinshasa, eighty percent of the population is Christian and Christmas is very special but we do not have so much beautiful decorations like here in America, we celebrate it in our way to make it so special to thank God for giving us His one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. So as you can imagine, I was crazy happy to see all the beauty of Christmas decorations everywhere like; inside and outside houses even in the bathrooms !!! in front and back yards, on trees, on cars, on the streets, in the churches, offices, stores, malls and more. All those beautiful Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas bells, Christmas hats, Christmas socks, Christmas candy, Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, Christmas flowers, Christmas cards and more... I was just praising the Lord everywhere, quietly but sometime loudly. When I will see a house with lots of Christmas decorations in the yard, I will stop to admire thinking that it maybe a Pastor's house or a Deacon's or a Bishop's house, and I will praise the Lord more with a smile or a song or even a dance. As a singer/songwriter and an Actress, I am not ashamed to sing or dance, talk or laugh loud in public if I want too. And I was doing all that everywhere I went because I was crazy exited and praising the Lord for being so much loved by Americans. But I realized that every time I was praising my loving Lord Jesus Christ, He was so quiet and sad in my Spirit
He was not responding haply to my praises. I was worried and asking Him why He was so sad and not responding haply to my praises, but He did not answer me right away, But I did not stop praising Him anyway.
One night, we went to a Christmas light show with my Brother Sam and His wife, they are the one that invited me to America and I was living with them in their house. They were very nice to me and were laughing a lot to see me crazy happy for all the Christmas decorations everywhere and my brother Sam has a great sens of humor and was teasing me a lot. At the Christmas light show, we were inside the car watching the beautiful lights out as the car was moving. The Christmas lights was so beautiful that I could not keep quiet but screaming in the car. My brother Sam was so embarrass and asked me to enjoy the event quietly but I did not listen to Him, I was so exited and people in other cars was looking at me with funny faces because I was making so much noise but I did not care. My brother Sam was telling me all the time when I was crazy happy that this is America, I needed to control myself but I was not listening to Him.
An other night they took me to a Church to listen to a Christmas Cantata, oh my God ! it was so beautiful !!! I start dancing with a big smile on my face and clapping my hands, so my brother Sam was also embarrass trying to calm me down but I did not listen to Him, He is so patient. I was over joyed at the event that I could not stop talking about that all the way home.
One day we were traveling to South Carolina from North Carolina to go see some of our relatives. I was seating in the back seat of the car, so exited to travel, singing in a loud voice a Christmas song while my brother Sam was driving and His wife was seating next to Him. He asked me to low my voice but I did not want to do so, I was keep singing so He decided to bully me for few minutes. When we came to a toll place, our car was behind lots of other cars in front of us to pay the tool ticket. While we were waiting our tour to pay, my brother Sam asked me a question saying, Mary Jo, did you bring your passport with you ? I told Him not I did not bring it with me. So He told me that; do you see all those cars in front of us, I say yes, He say to me those people inside the cars are showing their passport at the toll booth, because you did not bring your passport, they are going to deport you right now. His wife start laughing because she knew that my brother was just bulling me but my brother was so serious and He was not laughing. I stooped singing and I start shaking for fear. I asked my brother please can you find a way to turn back the car and find an other way to avoid the deportation, but my brother told me that it was to late to turn the car back, I start crying, all the joy I had was gone, I start praying inside of my heart, oh Dear God please do not let those people to deport me. Then we came to the booth to pay, I was so afraid and I was shaking then I see my brother give the money to cashier and we left the booth. I was like, what is going on here, my brother just lied to me. I asked Him why they did not deport me, He told me that He bulled me for few minutes then He explain to me that it was a toll place and that they were not asking for passports, I took a deep breath, wiped my tears and kept quite for a long time in the car without saying a word and the car was quiet. After couple hours, I start singing again but in a very low voice not to bother my brother and His wife. So I had so much fun during that first Christmas.
After living in the USA for more than three years, I realized that I was wrong about Christmas celebration with lots of decorations, it is not because all American were Christians and loved Jesus Christ so much that is why they were celebrating Christmas in a very special way but it is more a tradition or just family gathering and more of all it is business. Celebrating the Birth of Jesus is much left behind for so many. They did not want to pray in His name in public, they did not want prayer in schools, they where removing the Ten Commandment from public places, I was so sad, I remember on my first Christmas, when I was praising the Lord for Americans loving Him so very much, by celebrating His Birthday in a very special way. But the Lord was not responding to my praises, and I asked Him why but He did not respond to me, so now I got His answer that I was wrong. So I decided to run a Christmas Campaign each year to remind everyone that the real meaning of Christmas celebration is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. I am running that Campaign already with some of my Christmas song in this film. I would like to invite amazon to work with me to spread this beautiful message out there by finishing this film with me to make it ready in the market for this coming Christmas season.

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    Here is the 33:57 minutes of the project and I would like to make it a 1 hour film with more comedy actions.

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    Seeing lots of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere around the city, lots of Christmas commercials on the TVs and radios, going to lots of Christmas events and chopping, I was so impressed and so crazy happy thinking that all Americans was Christians and loves Jesus Christ so very much that is the reason why they all celebrate Christmas so beautifully. I was praising the Lord everywhere.