Pizza Place

Creator: Larry Ryals
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
The employees of a pizzeria are issued an ultimatum by their district supervisor. They must increase the store’s daily sales average to $1000 over the course of the next three days or they will all face termination and the store will be converted to a tomato holding annex.
Synopsis: When the crew of a franchise location of Mama Mao’s Szechuan Pizza is given 3 days to improve their sales average, they brainstorm and come up with a plan to sell a thousand-dollar pizza to Rupert Murdoch, who is in town staying at the Unconscionably Wealthy Inn and Estates. When the delivery driver mistakenly delivers the pizza to Unconscious Dead People Estates and Crematorium, Murdoch cancels the order, putting the crew back to square one.

As they resign themselves to their fate and peruse the classified ads for waste treatment and stripper jobs, they have an epiphany and formulate a plan B to heavily market to the Pot-o-rama cannabis convention in town. Although they’re successful, it’s uncertain whether it will be enough to meet the $1000/day average needed to keep their jobs.

When district supervisor Robert Bile returns after 3 days, he gives them the bad news that they fell short and will be terminated, although on the bright side, the store is a great location for the new tomato holding annex as it’s close to the Interstate with lots of sunlight. Devil-may-care store manager Palmer then rips open a subpoena just served to Robert by a process server, revealing Robert is facing charges for wombat prostitution.

When Palmer threatens to inform Mama Mao’s internal affairs, Robert recants his take on the sales numbers and lets them keep their jobs, also offering them raises, as he says, “I knew that wombat was wearing a wire; I just knew it.”

Latest Work

  • Script 4 - Larry's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Antihero Jason now saves the day in major rewrite of ending. Some other corrections and additional funny lines.

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