Ex Vitro

Age rating: 17 and older
Sandrine Tate's world is turned upside down when she, after being marked as infertile, gives birth to a son. Upon returning from her deployment in the outer garrison, having defended Earth against invaders from outer space, she finds her son and his father missing.
Synopsis: Earth. 90% of the world's population is born female. Genetic manipulation caused infertility in women and led to the separation of fertiles from infertiles.
Sandrine Tate, marked as infertile on the day of her birth, embarks on her predestined path of a soldier in the military when one night, a love-making encounter with her childhood friend and now member of the political board, Prestann, results in an unlikely pregnancy.
Sandrine has a baby boy and moves into the upper class realm of fertility. Her fairy tale doesn't last long: she is deployed to the outer garrison to defend Earth against her rival colony Earth Two. Fate is kind: Sandrine is discharged after 18 months and returns to Earth, leaving her belligerent friend Ira behind.
Disarming a bomb in her shuttle, Sandrine reaches Earth, breathless, only to find her family is gone. She sets out to find her son and his father, realizing that nothing she thought she knew about her world is true.

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