Dangerous David Davidson

Creator: William A Hay
Age rating: Everyone
A 12-year-old private investigator saves a young girl from kidnapping by Chinese gangsters only to find out it was all set up to give a dying girl wish for one last adventure.
Synopsis: David is successful. His carpeting cleaning business is earning him much more than the pocket money of other 12-year-olds. But cleaning isn't his calling. After inheriting his grandfather’s practice, being a private investigator is what he really wants to be.

His first job starts out as simply a matter of catching a school lunch thief, but ends up with him securing a deal to protect the daughter of a Chinese industrialist, Vanessa Wu. All Dave has to do is be Vanessa's partner at a birthday party to collect a very big pay packet. It is an easy assignment until Chinese gangsters attempt to kidnap Vanessa. Dave, with the help of a schoolmate, Romeo, spends the weekend outwitting the would-be kidnappers by showing Vanessa around their town, and having fun in the process.

The good times end when the gangsters eventually catch up with them and take Vanessa, who has fainted with exhaustion from trying to get away. Dave rushes home to call her mother, the very powerful Madam Wu. But when he arrives home, he discovers everything has been a set up. The ‘gangsters’ worked for Madam Wu and her daughter wasn’t kidnapped at all.

Dave and Romeo are taken to a hospital to see Vanessa who is in a coma. They are told she had a rare heart disease and knew she didn't have much time left. She wanted to be treated like a normal kid for one last time and have fun, which she had with the boys.

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