Jeffery Shtray

Creator: Runelk Hodoi
Age rating: 13 and older
Furious and against the rising corrupt powers in the 1800s, Jeffery Shtray embarks on an adventure to end it, but first he must free himself and his son from the gang who has a hand in the success of every corrupt individual, the brown capillary.
Synopsis: Jeffery Shtray, a man neglected by the law and betrayed by his former bosses, the corrupt individuals in the 1800s embarks on an adventure to to kill everyone involved in his unsuccessful murder. But his quest comes to a halt when his wife becomes pregnant. Will he continue to fight the law? How will he protect his family when a lot of people want his head? Questions on time will answer.

Six years after the death of his wife Jeffery moves to the south to father his son, George. Still in the process of mentally accepting his new life and responsibilities without his wife in it, three men visits him with a warrant for his arrest. Unable to arrest Jeffery the men hire a gang to capture him, which they did. In order to make Jeffery play by their rules the gang split in two, separating Jeffery from his son. Jeffery ends up with one group and his son with another heading to the same place on different paths.

Jeffery determined to find his son, escapes at night when the group stops to rest, but unfortunately he is caught by another gang and returned to his first captors. The gang stops at an inn for the night leaving Jeffery, his son and four other captives outside. Jeffery convinces one of the men to free them. Jeffery let's his son and the captives run off then returns to kill the men. Days later Jeffery ambushes the man who orchestrated his arrest and kills him right after he, Jeffery is shot. Jeffery dies but somehow, he resurrects!

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