Bhangarh: It Begins

Age rating: Everyone
Bhangarh Fort is one among the most haunted places in the world. After several deaths, Archaeological Survey of India has put an official board in front of this fort strictly forbidding people from entering in night. This movie depicts the story of this fort getting haunted.
Synopsis: The movie script "Bhangarh: It Begins" tells the story of Bhangarh fort which is considered to be one among the most haunted places in the world. Several deaths have occurred in this fort in night. The Archaeological Survey of India had to put a board in front of it stating that "Entering this fort in night is completely prohibited." This movie script depicts how this beautiful fort became haunted. This script has drama, fear, adventure, thrill, wild action, suspense, romance, beauty and most of all magic.

An eleven year old boy from Bhangarh state named Singhia survives an attack from nearby state Ajabgarh soldiers. But his parents get killed. The child fights jackals to save his mother's remains. A saint Baba Balaknath gives shelter to this boy who starts learning black magic there and applies it on a snake successfully.

Bhangarh king Raja Man Singh loves his seven year old daughter a lot who is a very good classical dancer. The king makes Bhangarh fort to progress art and culture in his state. Once Baba Balaknath sees Singhia applying black magic on a bear to save the princess. He orders Singhia to stop this practice. Singhia denies and leaves the ashram but Baba in anger curses him that if he ever applies black magic on humans, he will die soon.

After 11 years, princess Ratnavati arrests Singhia from jungle for the crime of killing several lions in the jungle and brings him to Bhangarh court. The king orders Singhia to fight a lion in Bhangarh state festival next morning. Singhia fights the lion and kills it empty handed using his magical powers. King appoints Singhia, the bodyguard for his daughter.

Princess falls in love with Singhia and wishes to marry him but Singhia states his will to finish off Ajabgarh army to take revenge of the cruel murder of his parents. Princess gets annoyed and decides to marry the prince of Ratangarh instead.

But the Prince of Gulabgarh falls deeply in love with princess Ratnavati and proposes her which she respectfully denies. Sensing an opportunity, King's jealous brother Madho Singh sends a poisoned liquor as gift to the Prince of Gulabharh. The prince consumes it and dies. People think that prince has committed suicide as he could not take the rejection by princess. Gulabgarh king attacks Bhangarh in anger. Though Bhangharh wins but its army suffers great losses. Ratangarh sends a small troop to save princess Ratnavati and bring her to Ratangarh but in the meantime Sujangarh army also attacks Bhangarh and decimates Ratangarh troops too.

Princess Ratnavati approaches Singhia for her safety. Singhia fights against the army of Sujangarh using black magic, wins the battle but gets hit by a strong weapon "Trishul Pash". Princess saves the life of Singhia using her medicine knowledge. Singhia awakes but finds his entire body except head paralyzed.

Ajabgarh army attacks Bhangarh and Singhia requests King Man Singh to burn him alive so that he can gain full strength and save Bhangarh. King does so and Singhia dies. A fierce battle occurs in which every one including Princess Ratnavati, King Man Singh, Queen get killed. Singhia's ghost brings wild animals and neutral things like stones, ground, walls alive and fight against Ajabgarh army. Madho Singh is appointed new King of Bhangarh after the war but he is too corrupt. Famines start in Bhangarh and people leave the state. A revolt from citizen occurs and King Madho Singh is arrested. He dies after falling from a height seeing Princess Ratnavati's ghost. Citizen committee takes charge of Bhangarh.

The souls of princess Ratnavati and Singhia are happily living in Bhangarh fort till today killing anyone in the fort staying in night.

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