Rocking Fun Music tm Records

Creator: Kellie Levans
Age rating: Everyone
Hop the crazy train to reality rock shop , and rental unit. We have more chaos in one day than the Osbourne's have all year . Enter with Caution: maybe you' re NOT ALLOWED -
To enter at ALL!
Come see inside the open doors , of ROCKING FUN MUSIC tm Records.

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1 - Rocking Fun Music tm Records
    Creative Notes:
    Hop The Crazy Train to Reality Rock Shop
    We meet Zoey and Janis in the back of the music store where Zoey is streaking Janis' hair blonde, with a saxophone cleaning brush. The two of them , bicker and fight over a Neil Young song and the current "ORANGE" color of hair- Hey, Hey my my ...rock and roll..