Creator: Paul Hackett
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Sergeant Kevin Reardon returns from his third tour of duty in Afghanistan to discover his home no longer exists. Is this reality? Or post-traumatic stress disorder? Or did Sergeant Kevin Reardon never return home from Kandahar in the first place?
Synopsis: Limbo is a twisting, turning tale that begins in Afghanistan where Kevin Reardon is finishing up his third and final tour of duty. With just a few months left before returning home he’s involved in a battle inside a mosque where a US Marine being held captive is executed.

The story quickly turns to Jersey City, where upon arriving home Kevin discovers his home and even his former address no longer exist. Ironically, in its place stands a mosque.

Confused and alone, Kevin is befriended by a beautiful Muslim woman, Ayana. Eventually they fall in love and Kevin’s life seems to start fresh.

Soon, however, Kevin is visited by an old army buddy who warns him that the same terrorists they fought inside the Afghanistan mosque also have a terrorist cell in Jersey City and are hunting down and killing all the American soldiers involved in the battle.

Kevin quickly becomes paranoid and his relationship with Ayana starts to fall apart. As the story begins to rapidly twist and turn even faster we soon begin to wonder whether Kevin actually made it home from Afghanistan in the first place.

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