Allistar Shadows series

Creator: TJ Weeks
Age rating: Everyone
It's a children's thriller I wrote for kids of a scary clown. It'll be a 10 book series when complete. 3 books are already out & the 4th is about to release. Kind of like a new aged Goosebumps, but a cartoon.
Synopsis: Book 1: Daltin, Blake, Beth and Allison go on a Halloweenn adventure through Dreamland. Stories have been told that Dreamland is where children go for amusement and never escape. The foursome is split up and left to search for each other. Making their way through the creepiness, darkness and fear of the park, they are destined to find their each other and escape. Will they escape unharmed or succumb to the rumors that have been forth told?
Book 2: The mystery continues on Blake's disappearance as the gang tries to gather clues to find him. They run across an old bone chilling nemesis that continues to haunt them as they scour the neighborhood to find Blake. Trying to figure out the mystery, Allistar seems to appear everywhere. Will Blake be found?
Book 3: Allistar Shadows continues to haunt those who he has not took. The remaining brave children with the help of part of the monster club lead him to the Temple of Shadows. They try to find their friends, but all they find is Allistar. with no sign of their friends, the search continues.

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