City of Caves

Creator: louise watson
Genres: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
City of Caves is a story of self acceptance

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 4
    Creative Notes:
    Fixed formatting and grammatical issues.
    A fierce and headstrong weretiger attempts to protect the woman she loves from an ancient vampire and an evil threatening to destroy the earth, while fighting the zealous ideologies of her elders.

All Work

  • Pilot Script 3
    Creative Notes:
    A new scene has been added, grammatical and spelling alterations
    While supernatural beings hide among us, a fierce weretiger fighting the cities vampires is excommunicated by her elders when she argues for her beliefs to be accepted, while an ancient evil threatens to return.
    Buffy the Vampire slayer meets Being Human.
  • Pilot Script 2
    Creative Notes:
    Following feedback from the Bluecat Screenplay competition, dialogue has been altered and more detail has been added.
    A determined werecat sets out to find the person trying to kill the woman she loves, and stumbles across an enemy many believed long dead.
  • Pilot Script 1 - The White Tiger
    A fierce female weretiger trying to hunt in peace, discovers an evil werecat bent on the destruction of humanity trapped beneath the city, while slowly realising she is in love with Sally, as they team up with and unlikely ally to save the world from all out destruction.