Tropical Estate

Creator: Eric Flathers
Age rating: Everyone
Real estate pioneers Josh Linnes and Park Wilson search the Latin Tropics for untouched land they can develop into eco-friendly communities. Come on a journey with us as they build solar-powered modular jungle lofts!
Synopsis: Josh and Park will do whatever it takes to find that perfect piece of land for their clients. Hiking the jungles of Latin America, driving through rivers, riding horses, ATV's and all types of boats. Once they find and buy a piece of land they parcel them out, build roads, bridges, dig wells for water and finally build you your own piece of paradise.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Tropical Estate Sizzle Reel
    Creative Notes:
    This is just a taste of what these guys go through as they hack their way through the jungles of Latin America.

    There is no shortage of characters in the Tropics, come take an adventure with us and meet them.