Creator: Rob McNeil
Age rating: 17 and older
A complacent journalist who writes propaganda for an oppressive totalitarian regime is recruited by an underground rebel group to go undercover against its evil, sociopathic ruler.
Synopsis: Derek Henderson, the Chief Editor of "The Watch" (a propaganda newspaper for a totalitarian government called "The Shield") is a man who is complacent in his seemingly safe and secure position in society. Derek is approached by a rebel group labelled "The Degenerates" by The Shield and is faced with a difficult decision: to help their cause after meeting their leaders (Aedus and Mackay) or to continue serving a ruthless sociopath while maintaining his position in The Watch. Derek must accept a hard truth: the only way to escape this oppressive society is by becoming their man on the inside all while risking his powerful position in The Watch and more importantly, his own life. Complicated by a romantic encounter with Jaela Eratorn, the daughter of The Shield's leader Meyer Eratorn (The Sword), Derek is thrust in a difficult position that may have compromised their entire operation. Derek must keep Meyer's trust as he must help The Sword crush the rebellion. Derek must find a way to lead an uprising right under The Sword's nose while remaining close to him. Nothing is what it seems when Derek realizes he is in way over his head, and no one is to be trusted.

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