Creator: John Fredrick
Age rating: 13 and older
A young 14 year old girl, Ashley Grey, commits suicide. We follow Ashley deep into her subconscious mind; into a world created by her own desires, where she attempts to escape her fears but finds herself torn between two worlds.
Synopsis: Life is anything but simple in the eyes of one 14 year old girl, ASHLEY GREY. A middle class upbringing by a single parent makes Ashley the typical ordinary girl next door. Left under the care of her step-father after the passing of her mother, she struggles to find her own identity in the world.

Her world, we quickly realize, is anything but perfect. Every day is a constant battle for Ashley. At school she is teased and bullied by other students. At home we discover an even more frightening reality; Her step-father, the one entrusted to protect her has been sexually abusing her. Ashley's only place of refuge has become a place of constant torment.

The scars on Ashley's arm remind us of the pain she is forced to endure. When an incident at school reveals a dark secret, it forces Ashley to ditch class to escape her terrifying ordeal. Her emotional breakdown places her into the path of another predator. Ashley, now beaten down with shame and guilt, reaches her breaking point. A knife is all that stands between her and the pain. In an attempt to end it all, with the blade pressed against her wrist, she pulls to see what comes next.

Latest Work

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  • Script 3 - John's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This revision has undergone many changes. I have made dialogue changes throughout the entire script. I have removed several scenes and changed many others to strengthen the story. I have also added new scenes and changed the setting of the climax in the story. I added an element to the story which really helps the story unfold smother and easier to follow along. Also fixed grammar and style.
  • Script 2 - John's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I changed Ashley's father character into a step-father. The step-father fits more cleanly and more realistically into the story. I also tweaked around a scene or two to make transitions between events more smooth. Made more typo corrections. Just when you think you got them all, another typos surfaces. Revisions are important.
  • Script 1 - John's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is my 3rd personal rewrite for this script. I Have added or tweaked a few scenes to make the story flow more smoothly. I have also removed scenes I felt did not develop the story or the characters. I simplified key elements that reveal clues throughout the story to create an unbelievable surprise ending. I added an updated PDF thats fixed some typo issues.