Creator: Juan Ramirez
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
The cartoon exploits of a teenage zombie put together from dead bodies.
Synopsis: This is an I.P. (Intellectual Property) concept for a Horror/Monster series based on the life (un-life?!) and times of a teen-aged Metal head stoner living dead dude stitched together from parts of deceased bodies and corpse left overs Frankenstein style. His mission,is to escape from the shadowy, boring old mansion/secret laboratory where he was created and is being held captive for experiments that SUCK! He escapes the clutches of his mad scientist tormentors accompanied in his travels by a demonic super powered guitar as he searches for his dimly remembered burn out stoner "friends" and meeting plenty of fellow monsters and assorted weirdos along the way.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - FrankenCreep Demo
    Creative Notes:
    This version is a roughly animated "proof of concept" focused primarily on the look and feel of the character designs and general atmosphere of the project with no real linear story to speak of, it's main purpose is to demonstrate a certain amount of potential in regards to what could be produced at a low cost.