Creator: Armelle
Age rating: Everyone
When a message from space that God is coming to Earth sparks a worldwide fervor, a young girl journeys across the globe to ask Him if her dead mother is in Heaven.

October 3rd combines the power of "Independence Day" with the innocent charm of “E.T."
Synopsis: October 3rd is about to become the most important date in human history.

Radio astronomers at the giant dish in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, unexpectedly discover a message encoded in the background noise coming from outer space. The message is undeniable: God will be coming to Earth on October 3rd — less than ten days!

Within 72 hours, an unlikely and fascinating cast of characters will come together in this high-speed, high-impact Divine Comedy:

Radio astronomer, ROGER WEISENKOPF, a brilliant and lonely widower, doesn’t believe in God. He is catapulted into the chaos as he tries to track down his resourceful ten-year-old daughter, ELITA, who has run away to ask God if her deceased mother is in Heaven.

MAX, a street con artist, is running from the police when he collides with Elita. He tries to avoid the little girl, but she soon takes over his plans and his heart.

ERIC WEISENKOPF, a loser and womanizing small-time reporter gets the career opportunity of a lifetime when he uses inside information from his brother, Roger, to find the exact location where God will be appearing – San Francisco.

MICHELLE WASHINGTON, a hard-bitten anchor for KNSF News, is chosen by the U.S. President to coordinate worldwide media coverage for the great event. She rises to the occasion and, amidst the humor and chaos, finds romance and meaning in her life.

Michelle’s mother, BEULAH WASHINGTON, a gospel singer from DeKalb County, Georgia, is lucky enough to purchase one of the last bus tickets to San Francisco. The indomitable and big-hearted Beulah makes a stop in Los Angeles to reconcile with her son, UHURU, whom she hasn’t seen for years.

UHURU has rejected his traditional Southern roots to become a famous Hollywood fashion designer. He becomes involved in all the turmoil when the First Lady chooses him to design her dress for God’s arrival. Eccentric, self-absorbed and temperamental, Uhuru is transformed into an authentic and likable person.

The U.S. PRESIDENT, a calm and humorous eye in this hurricane of events, tries to organize God’s worldwide reception. Is all of this really possible? Will God really come? The President flies Air Force One to San Francisco to preside over what will be either the greatest event or the most humiliating farce that mankind has ever witnessed.

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