SHANNON by Alex Anico

Creator: Studio Mogura
Age rating: 17 and older
When a man falls for a sexy bombshell, he finds himself an accomplice to her particular predilection: cannibalism.
Synopsis: After losing his job, his girlfriend and his favorite bar, Todd, a down on his luck, everyday man, picks up Shannon while walking in the rain. She is a voluptuous woman way out of his league that fulfills his every desire. Next thing he knows it's six months later and she has taken over his life. What’s worse is that apparently he has become a serial killer that murders without impunity so that Shannon can feed.

Shannon is a psychological horror noir thriller set in Miami. A post-millennium neo-noir built on Hitchcockian roots, broken into four acts to represent the broken state of the characters. In its veins are films like Jacob’s Ladder & Fight Club, & shows like Twin Peaks where viewers question every detail and are pulled through a psychoactive tunnel that leaves them bewildered on the other side. A theatrical showcase of light and dark, that starts with a kiss and ends with being devoured.

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Latest Work

  • Video 1 - SHANNON ACT I- A horror noir thriller in Miami.
    Creative Notes:
    I wrote and produced Act I of the film on a $300 dollar budget using friends who had zero acting experience. I based the personality of the characters on them originally so it felt natural to cast them. I was pretty much doing everything (camera, lights, directing, staging, sound etc), as well on a time limit since it was all done guerrilla style. With funding I'm hoping to finish this year.