"Mafia Airlines"

Creator: Norman
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
It's got the same type humor as "Airplane 1-2-3", "Police Precinct", and "Soul Plane" all of which were and still are, major money-makers. It's the simple story of a mafia mobster who starts his own airline and this is the inaugural flight to Sicily.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: This is the story of a Mafia hoodlum who decides to start his own airline with his Harvard-graduate son. He's been in the restaurant business and wants tp elevate his status in the mob. They steal a plane and spread the word among the underground of the inaugural flight, which happens to be to Sicily (where else?) They sell-out the flight almost instantly and we pick up the action as they take off, During the course of the trip, we visit all the passengers who are an assortment of crooks and listen to their stories. Unfortunately, our mob boss hired an alcoholic to fly the plane and desperation sets in when the drunk passes out at the controls. The Harvard educated son searches among the passengers for a pilot and the only one he can find is the beautiful stewardess who also happens to be an undercover FBI agent who's been following the gang.

She's a good pilot but unable to read a map which means the plane puts down in unexpected locations and the gun-laden passengers are getting suspicious about this new "airline" and it's inability to find Sicily. The son falls in love with her but she rejects him in favor of the drunk pilot who she flew with in Bosnia, many years earlier.

But I can't reveal the ending except to say it occurs in Newark, New Jersey and not Sicily.

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