14 Grimm Street

Creator: Neil Chris
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
The everyday lives of two mis matched serial killers, attempting to share a secret and a house without too much blood and tears. The classic odd couple with a psychopathic slash.
Synopsis: On the surface 14 Grimm Street appears to be your average terraced-home on an average street. Until you meet the occupants, two miss matched serial killers, Sid, an uncouth spree killing punk rock artist, and Julian, a seemingly mild mannered buttoned down businessmen with an addiction to DIY surgery. The two opposite personalties clash at every opportunity.

However, the conflicting personalities are the least of Sid and Julian’s problems. Sid has brought home a new play thing. A bound and gagged victim, whom he plans to horrifically murder. Although Julian shares his housemates love of killing, he’s cautious about attracting unwanted attention, so the only game he wants to play is Monopoly.

While putting the rubbish out the next morning (as usual!), Julian’s world is changed. He meets Nancy a pretty young woman moving in next door. Over an awkward conversation Nancy agrees to come over for coffee.

Back inside, Sid plots to bring more victims for their ever growing collection of corpses. He opens their home to backpackers, by listing a room on the website Sofa Surfer. Julian is not amused, but work is calling.

On returning from his soul crushing job, Julian’s soul is crushed slightly more when he finds Sid & Nancy enjoying each others company. Sid wastes no opportunity to humiliate Julian in front of Nancy. Julian seethes with anger and frustration as Sid comes close to letting their deadly secret slip.

Nancy leaves the squabbling serial killers as tensions threaten to explode, unfortunately the relationship finger screws are tightened even further when Sofa Surfer offers up its first victim. Klaus, a friendly looking German backpacker who doesn’t seem to speak a word of English.

Klaus is an instant hit with Sid, despite the unscalable language barrier. Julian is not so taken by the smiley german and starts to think Klaus is hiding something. Julian endeavours to find out what.

Julian becomes worried when he discovers some very creepy possessions in Klaus’s backpack. Now on high alert, Julian attempts to translate some of the things Klaus has been babbling about in German.

Upstairs in Sid’s room things take a turn for the worse. The victim becomes the hunter.

Night is closing in and Julian is frantic. All signs point to Klaus being a lunatic and Sid is no where to be found. Julian creeps through the dark house till he discovers Sid bound upstairs. Klaus springs his trap and now both housemates are in the crazy German’s grip.

Things don't look good for our (Anti) heroes. Tied up outside their own flat, about to be bled dry by a crazy German backpacker. Luckily help is at hand, Nancy appears with a shovel in the nick of time and gives Klaus a clonk on the head, saving Sid & Julian.

Nancy heads home shaken by her experience but both reassured by Sid and Julian and now tangled in a deadly web.

Later, when as close to normality as it gets has returned to 14 Grimm street, A knock echoes from the front door. Julian hopes it is Nancy, Sid hankers for another sofa surfer victim. The guys excitedly rush to the door as an authoritative voice yells through “Police Open Up”.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - 1/2hr mulitcamera horror comedy
    Creative Notes:
    A BBC exec said “love it but it will never get made”. We had written a pilot & didn’t want to waste it. So we made it ourselves as a web series with no budget, a crew of two and a handful of student actors.

    It was a challenge but we're happy with the results considering the resources we had during production. We still love the idea and totally believe there is a place for this on screen.