A Sweet Little Dream

Creator: Ayham Saati
Age rating: Everyone
A young girl, Lina, orphaned, and her new best friend, find themselves in a Catholic home for girls, faced with antagonism and injustice.
Synopsis: A young girl’s life is interrupted and completely changed when her mother tragically dies in a hit and run accident, and 12-year-old LINA becomes an orphan and is sent to live at an orphanage. Things don’t get any better there as the principle, MARY ANN, decides to teach Lina few harsh lessons, using her snitch Curly and her gang. The only people there to stand up for Lina are her young African American friend HEATHER and sister CARLA, the young nun. But this doesn’t help as Lina and Heather are always harassed and assigned tough cleaning duties, which are usually interrupted by Curly’s gang.

Finally, an event takes place. It’s Christmas time and Mr. Andrews, the millionaire, is getting ready to pay his usual visit to the orphanage, loaded with gifts and toys for the young girls. Lina and Heather are extremely excited and start calling Mr. Andrews as their “knight in the shinning armor”. And even though Mary Ann tries her best to stop the girls from meeting him, Andrews takes notice - and a liking to these two orphans - and showers them with gifts, which left them both counting the days till next Christmas.

But Curly and her gang make them pay a heavy price as they unleash their anger and one night give Lina a very harsh beating.

One day an old couple show up at the orphanage. Bob and Edna are looking to adopt a girl, and they pick Lina. This was a turning point in her life as she thought her troubles were over now that she’s moving to this big mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Edna shows great love and affection to Lina, but Bob has other ideas. One night when Edna was out of town, Bob makes his move and breaks into Lina’s room. But Lina had a feeling something was not right about Bob and was prepared. She had planted her bedroom floor with thumbtacks, and when Bob enters, he steps on one of them and falls down hard.

Lina runs out, but Bob gives chase, and that’s when Fernando, the Gardner, comes to Lina’s rescue and fights with Bob. A frightened and exhausted Lina runs down the mountains at night without knowing where to go, and finally loses conscious at the doorstep of a house, and miraculously, this is Lina’s original house where she lived with her mother. The Spanish couple that rented the house, take care of Lina’s wounds and invite her to stay as long as she wants. Lina is shocked when she learns that Bob had claimed he was attacked, and robbed by her and Fernando. Lina and Fernando had become fugitives. Lina refuses to let Bob win and goes back to the house to meet with Edna, who doesn’t believe Lina’s story and calls the police, but in a last desperate attempt to save herself, Lina asks Bob to take off his shoes and show his wounds from the thumbtacks. He refuses, and that’s when Edna finally realizes what had happened.

Lina is finally free and decides to go back to the orphanage, against Edna’s wishes, after she kicked Bob out of the house. But Lina insists and makes her return and reunites with Heather and Carla. This move surprised Mary Ann, who finally started to change her feelings toward Lina.

Everything seems to go back to normal for Lina and Heather, until Mary Ann breaks the bad news; Mr. Andrews is not coming to the Christmas party this year and she doesn’t know why. This was devastating news for Heather and Lina. Heather actually falls ill after hearing the news. Lina takes action and with the help of Edna, she goes to his house asking about him, but is rudely kicked out by his wife. His personal driver, Anderson, finally tells them what had happened; Andrews’s wife and two children had conspired against him and accused him of being mentally incapable of handling his vast fortune. He was ordered to be mentally evaluated by a judge. This was such a shock to Andrews that he refused to even defend himself and speak out. Anderson takes Edna and Lina to that hospital where Lina is shocked to see her Knight in the shinning armor a broken man, who just sat there silently. Lina comes close and holds his hand and reminds him of how he gave her and Heather all the hope in the world when he showed up at the orphanage and gave the hopeless orphans gifts and toys at a time when they thought everyone forgot about them. This does it for Andrews as he orders his driver Anderson to contact his attorney and prepares for his defense.

Finally, Christmas is back on track as Andrews, Lina and Edna make a triumphant return to the orphanage loaded with gifts…Andrews adopt Lina and Heather, and marries Edna.

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