Creator: Phillip Cothran
Genre: Horror
Age rating: Everyone
A group of teens attempt to stop the returning legendary "Pied Piper" from stealing their towns greatest resource-its children!
Synopsis: Synopsis: Piper
By: Phillip Cothran

In the town of Hamelin, Germany in the year 1284 AD the towns children vanish one night as fog and rats encroach upon the town. The children are led away in the night by a mysterious figure with a glowing flute and led underground into a chamber where shadows of creatures approach them. The next morning worried parents and officials search in vain with only a doll found by a frantic mother in the woods.
In the small American town of Summerville, BILLY GUNN and his somewhat dimwitted friend, JIM, live as outcasts in their small town and high
School. Across the street lives, TANNER OWENS, the QB of the football team and a childhood playmate who also dates LACEY GIVENS, capt of the cheer squad. As they approach Billy’s house, Billy and Jim come across a protest by neighbors trying to run TOM FREEMAN, a neighbor with a shadowy past. Billy and Jim look at a small weapon collection they have hid under Billy’s bed and speak of a plot against the popular kids. Billy lives there with his mother, CINDY, and younger brother, KYLE.
At the edge of town that night, the PIPER emerges from a hiatus and plays his flute rustically looking down at the town, affecting for small moments some of the town’s children. Rats appear at the window of Kyle’s bedroom window and Billy chases one out the small opening. Billy and Jim do some filmmaking in the basement and dream of going to film school. A newspaper boy vanishes. The next morning Billy and Jim go to Billy’s girlfriend, RAVEN, who dabbles in witchcraft, on the outskirts of town to discuss the rats. Tom Freeman is arrested for the disappearance of a newspaper boy although innocent. Rats circle Raven’s camper that night as Billy and Jim stay with her and her infant daughter. A pregnant woman, ALICE MYERS, is killed in a car wreck caused by the Piper who is after her fetus. Tanner and Lacey spot a creepy figure driving a rat exterminator van around town. DEPUTY SALAZAR, is killed by the Piper while investigating the Myers wreck scene. Billy gets a letter accepting him into film school and tries to unsuccessfully talk Jim out of the plot against the popular kids. At a carnival, Billy and Raven and Kyle witness of rats rampaging through the grounds and as they leave they break up an attempt by someone in the rat exterminator van from abducting a child. After dropping Kyle off. They come across the van and meet up with SEBASTION, who explains he is after the Piper, they both of them are from an underground race called the “Talin,” while another group, called the “Menon,” came above ground centuries earlier and became known as vampires. He explains how the Talin saved the Piper’s life from angry towns people back in Germany in the 13th Century and made him one of their own to help them capture those above they need to feed on. Billy is questioned by the police as Sebastion slips away. The police search Billy’s room and find a list of kids and a pistol which belonged to Billy’s deceased father. Billy’s Mom vouches for him and he is released. Sebastion ans the Piper meet up in a field near town and duel but there is no clear victor. Billy and Raven go to the football Homecoming game to stop Jim who is positioned with a rifle nearby. They are able to talk him out of it with just a shot hitting the football. Billy, Raven and Jim find Deputy Salazar’s body in a nearby stone silo when attempting to hide Jim’s bag of weapons. Sebastion reappears to tell them that emissaries of both the Menon clan and Talin clan will be meeting nearby to try to join the races once again, but at the field a bonfire for some of the football players and cheerleaders is taking place leading to a slaughter of the teens by the vampires. Tanner escapers the carnage to join with Billy and his group. The Piper makes his move to steal all the town’s children, leading them out into the woods with his flute. Billy, Raven, Jim and Tanner, and Sebastion along with DEPUTY WILLIAMS, follows the trail with help of a tracking dog. Sebastion is able to get underground first. The rest follow shortly after and find Sebastions lifeless body in a stone chamber atop a stone table. With help of Jim’s weapon stash of guns and pipe bombs the group is able to rescue the children and hold off the spider-like Talin clan. The Piper is seen among the rubble clutching at his broken flute but still alive.

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