Creator: Dallas Jones
Age rating: 13 and older
Cultures collide as women strive to compete in Spain’s male dominated sport of bull leaping. Fears, violence and rivalry threaten dreams and tradition.
Synopsis: A young girl, Alena Camacho (7), stares at an ancient fresco and becomes enchanted at the early Minoan sport of bull leaping.


Pablo Falcone (58), promoter and Eva Bianchi (40’s), women’s activist, both former Matadors, crash headlong with tradition when they bring together a group of elite women athletes from around the world to compete on equal footing against men in the sport of bull-leaping.

Alena’s dreams of trying out for the team brings her into conflict with her family and culture. Worse, rivalries and violence threaten the venture, forcing the women to bond as a comrade of sisters. Complications arise when Alena’s brother,Marcelo (23) falls hard for the wild Julitta (19) and his teammate Gabriel (22) faces Marcelo’s wrath when he shows
interest in Alena.

In the initial competition, the women come up short in both execution and audience acceptance. As they hone their skills and their confidence builds, they begin to attract both supporters and detractors. Leveraging their unique talents, the women scandalize the community with promotional ads to attract a following.

They break with custom introducing athletic routines lost in ancient Minoan times, drawing in a younger audience. Angry at contaminating tradition, recortadore star Bernardo (28) and his teammate sexually assault Jessica (23) and attempt to murder Alena. Julitta and Alena persuade Marcello and Gabriel to break with culture and support them.

In the ‘Festival of Courage’, the women, through skilled bravery, gain acceptance from their competitors and the audience.

Alena then confronts Bernardo to face the only justice he understands.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Dallas's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In 2500 BC the Minoan Culture honored their religion by creating a dangerous ceremony of jumping bulls. Later the Greeks turned this into modern day gymnastics.

    This is a women empowerment and love story.