The Reckoning

Creator: Tony Martinez
Age rating: 17 and older
A woman avenges the sexual assault of her sister decades earlier which leads to her sibling's suicide.
Synopsis: A suicide riddles a family with devastation and questions until years later a diary is discovered explaining a young woman’s unthinkable act; leading to a not so random encounter….

Two weeks before her wedding Natasha's sister commits suicide leaving the family heartbroken and searching for answers. Natasha silently filled with rage towards her sister for this horrific act before her wedding learns years later after her mother discovers a hidden diary that her sister was sexually assaulted during a vacation the family took during the sisters childhood.

After years of searching, Natasha tracks down the recently retired wealthy businessman and confronts him the assault he buried long ago. With an ego larger than his bank account he dares Natasha to go to the authorities.

She raises the stakes with a challenge he never expected..

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