Creator: mirko stasiak
Age rating: 13 and older
In an attempt to avenge his sisters death a young Sicilian goes in search of her assailant but vengeful intentions change in exchange for his life he offers him the whereabouts of hidden pilfered German treasures an action that could well change the face of history for ever.
Synopsis: Peace for Alfredo Farina family is shattered when a letter arrives from Italy telling them of the suicide death of their daughter Archila.Not having sufficient funds to bring her body back home to Sicily Alfredo goes cap in hand to the village Maffia Don Pascale for help, but although his own son was a childhood friend of the Farina's he declines to help willingly but on condition that Alfredo sells him his most profitable vinyard, intimidated by Don Pascale threats, Alfredo accepts. On collection of her body Alfredo is told that Archila was with child and as far as medical examination showed she'd already given birth years prior, there was no clues or signs of anyone being with her, bar that soon after the War she had been seeing a polish soldier.
After Archila's funeral Aldo Alfredo's son discovers that his sister Archila had fled the village years prior because she had been rapped by Don pascale son Juliano and did not want to bring bloodshed to the family. On hearing this, Aldo kills Juliano and brings destruction to the Farina family but not before his father Alfredo begs him to find out where and who the man was that made his daughter with child and had left her to her fate. Aldo's adventurous quest takes him to a convent in Monza here he finds Aldolino Archila's handicaped son, vowing to return for him he crosses Europe to England where he comes face to face with Adamo an old Polish war veteran who had been in love with Archila and not knowing she was with child had left her to rejoin his estranged wife in England.
With his life in balance from the gun pointing at his face Adamo takes a gamble with a tale he'd heard in the mountains of Italy of looted German treaures in a place where anyone who had previously ventured had never come back. Realizing that this wealth could help Aldolino his new found nephew Aldo agrees to spare Adamos life and together they return to the wilds of the Italian mountains where scenes beyond beliefs form before their eyes scenes that could well change the face of history for ever.

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