NANOBIX - Little Mighty Heroes

Creator: VARDA Creative
Age rating: Everyone
Aden, allied with his alien toy friends Gizmo, Llyia, & Hash helps any kid being bullied, NanoBix take on the nemesis with a difference because – “Sometimes… To set things right in the real world, we need to fight in the Fantasy Worlds”

Synopsis: This is the story of Aden, whose life is encapsulated within the walls of his room. Introvert by choice, he feels it best to spend time with his special friend - the Bixolve puzzle and his best toy friends - Llyia, Gizmo and Hash.

His undying penchant to solve the puzzle stems from an inherent desire to solve the problems that are right outside his room. Like any kid or human he wants to set things right. Being “little” is what Aden has always been and with it comes - being ignore, even bullied. He observes that every kid he knows in his home’s vicinity is bullied some time or the other.

Having witnessed other social imbalances, he turns to his special friend Bixolve. Succeeding events lead him to the Super Eye Gear that his Grandpa once gifted him saying it is special. How Grandpa landed up with it is a safely guarded secret in itself. Wearing it for the very first time, Aden is unaware of the power that it holds and the journeys that he is about to set out on. Realization follows that this is not any ordinary eye gear as he takes in the surrounding to be a different world altogether. For the very first time he sees his friends, who again were a gift from his Grandpa, come alive; and he knows his world will never be the same again.

Exploring further, he finds that the world he is transported to is a fantasy one named Jooto, the home of his toy friends. The transformation of these very lifeless toys into their own true selves with their special powers and that of Bixolve as a self-meta-morphing gadget helps Aden comes to terms with his transformation into the super-kid, Nano. Thus begins the story of NanoBix. A brief meet up and planning at the well-equipped galactic headquarters helps Aden (now Nano) conquer all his doubts of littleness and he moves forward with his friends to fight out the evils in this new parallel world.

He fights the unjust, time and again with his unusual set of friends. Facing the same nemesis on Earth in an entirely different form on Jooto, he fights with his newly gained super-powers and also with the timely assistance of his toy friends who have now changed into their own super-selves. While Llyia helps in all the technical know-how needed, Gizmo deals with the nemesis with his ninja moves. Hash lends his strength to the team and counter-attacks and blocks the deadly advances of foes. Bixolve transmutes into helpful gadgets when Nano needs them. Nano finds himself not only fighting the evils but defeating them too in the other world.

Returning back to his world everything is as it was, he is Aden and his toy friends have become just toys; but there is a stark difference- the butterfly effect of the evil fought is starkly seen in his very world as he sees the evil being reformed. And from there on, he resolves to fight in his own special way- to make a difference.

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