kariya kan bitta

Creator: c s karthik
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Synopsis: Kariya Kann Bitta is about a young boy Kariya who hails from a poor family. His father is a drunk wastrel but his mother is a proud and independent woman. She wants Kariya to be educated and make something of himself. But Kariya is least bothered about school and he wanders around the streets of his village with his two friends on many adventures. Though he visits schools sometimes he either runs away or is thrown out for his mischief.Through this entire adventurous and emotional journey Kariya finally becomes a human being on par with the society around him.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - drama
    Creative Notes:
    Though the film’s protagonist is a child the film deals with two levels of narration: A story told through the perception of a child to the adults and a story for the children through the child.
    The film is a fast paced roller coasting ride through fun, hunger, pain, emotion, sensitivity and finally a revelation!