When We Fall Behind

Creator: Dan Hutchinson
Age rating: 13 and older
Estranged brothers Mike and Frankie travel across America to lay their Mother to rest. As they struggle to overcome their past, a bounty hunter looks to end their future.
Synopsis: Estranged brothers, Mike and Frankie, are reluctantly reunited 13 years after a tragedy when their Mother dies.
The brothers are tasked with travelling from New Jersey to their hometown in Oregon to lay her to rest.
Inevitably their history holds them back and sparks fly.

Whilst on the road, Mike's book deal and personal life crumbles before him, leading to an attempted suicide.
Frankie saves him and the warring siblings are finally brought closer. From strangers they become brothers.

After pitching up in Red Cloud, Nebraska, Mike soon falls for local waitress, Marie.
Their romance flourishes and the future looks bright.
Unfortunately little does Frankie realise that his crime-laden past has led to Randall, a relentless bounty hunter, seeking revenge on behalf of a dying mobster.

Just as the brothers have found peace Randall catches up with Frankie and takes their Mother’s ashes as collateral.
The brothers relationship crashes once more and old wounds are reopened.
Frankie sets off to reclaim his Mother but has to seek help from Ray, an old face from his prison days.

A shock revelation soon reunites Mike with Frankie but when Ray is taken out the brothers are left with no choice but to face the enemy and fight for their future.

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